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Integral Certification let's you know when you've come across genuine Integral products and services. By "Integral" we mean AQAL—the only truly comprehensive or Integral Framework for mapping the contours of reality and human development. Through Integral Certification, individuals and organizations have the opportunity to become recognized for their knowledgeable use of the AQAL Framework.

We offer four kinds of certification at this time (with more to follow): Integral Certificate, I-I Workshop Graduate, AQAL Content-Certified, and Powered by AQAL. Further, we recognize organizations and individuals who are sympathetic with an Integral view, but are not (or not yet) certified by I-I—they're simply an Integral Friend.

A national advertising campaign—Look for the I-I—featuring our distinctive I-I logo, will make it plain what's genuine AQAL… and what's not. We gladly invite individuals and organizations to use our ideas, but if they aren't certified—and if you don't see the I-I logo—we can't guarantee that their work is truly Integral, and frankly, this is a strong warning that quality control may be severely lacking.

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