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Welcome to the I-I Commons!

This area of the site is for I-I members, and provides easy access to the vibrant communities forming around our offerings. Musings of the Integral Naked editors, lively discussions around our content and the Integral universe, debates at Integral Spiritual Center and much more.

The I-I Commons is a rich and vital resource for networking, exploration, dialogue, and making new friends. It highlights the most precious resource of the Integral world by far: the people!

If you're not a member of I-I, no worries. You can just come in and surf around. You won't be able to post on forums or comment on blogs, but you'll get a feeling for the kinds of conversations going on. If you wish to join, it's easy—just click here for more info.

The Integral Naked community is the cornerstone of our outreach program. These folks are the growing tip of Integral, entertaining both sacred and profane with equal aplomb. Join them and the IN guests in an omnipresent rave. Dive in here. Surf’s up!

Join the Integral Spiritual Center community to find the most lively and provocative discussions about the cutting edge of spiritual emergence. Midwives needed. Enter the forum.

And finally, I-I members are welcome to meet in our online worldwide community. Touch an Integral friend from across the globe. Remember that you are never alone, either in spirit or in cyberspace. Welcome home. Here’s what we’re talking about right now…
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