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One of the most exciting aspects of the Integral adventure is the cross-pollination of the world's spiritual traditions, lineages, and paths. Integral Spiritual Center is a doorway to Integral Spirituality, which attempts to include the profound insights of the great spiritual traditions—respecting their essential identities—while exploring new forms of practice and realization.

ISC teachers are among the most respected in the world, and have gathered under the Integral banner to explore a "trans-path path" for our times. At ISC, teachers are teaching teachers, creating a post-postmodern crucible of consciousness, love, and wisdom.

Twice a year we convene a major ISC teacher gathering to examine the role of spiritual life in the modern and postmodern world. Explorer groups investigate and unpack hot issues throughout the rest of the year. On the ISC website you can view video footage of these events, explore over 25 Integral Spiritual Teacher websites, access a library of cutting-edge spiritual writings, and participate in spiritually-themed discussion forums. If your heart is moved by the call of a more Integral Spirituality, please join us in the ISC community.

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