Given the scarcity of truly integral approaches to individual and world problems, Integral Institute's central activities involve several major areas:

(1)  The creation of truly integral approaches to various problems and their solutions—personal, social, ecological, political, spiritual, business, international—through the work of numerous core teams

(2)  The creation of the world’s first Integral Learning Community via the Multiplex

(3)  The communication and dissemination of these newly-developed Integral Approaches, especially through the training of qualified teachers and practitioners in the Integral Approach


1.  Core Teams

At this time, one of the main activities of Integral Institute is the creation of "integral product"—that is, specific and detailed applications of the Integral Approach ("all quadrants, all levels, all lines, all states, all types") to various fields, from individual transformation to organizational leadership to international problems and solutions.

Toward this end, Integral Institute has created several task-oriented teams that are rapidly and effectively advancing our understanding of various integral fields.  First and foremost are the core teams in each of the branches of I-I.

Core teams are composed of anywhere from four to twelve members, each of which has demonstrated outstanding accomplishment in a particular field and a superlative grasp of integral theory.  Generally speaking, each team has one or two nationally recognized authorities in the field, several highly accomplished scholars and practitioners of the field, and several promising students in the field, thus covering all the bases.  Each of the core teams meets with Ken Wilber and other Integral Institute consultants and advisors, who together work toward advancing an integral approach in the particular field.

Each core team is assigned the following task: take the integral model and apply it in a detailed and coherent fashion to your particular field—which might be ecology, medicine, business, politics, feminism, psychology/therapy, consciousness studies, conflict resolution, leadership, art, education, or integral transformative practice.

Core teams meet three to five times a year.  These meetings are an intense, vivid, transformative crucible where every aspect of the integral approach is tested against the collective experience and wisdom of the team members.  Any deficiencies or inadequacies of the model are exposed and addressed, and members go back to their respective disciplines and test out the new version.  Through repeated trial-and-error learning, truly integral approaches are, for the first time, brought to fruition.

The team is then charged with writing up (or otherwise communicating) the results of their field-tested integral approach in their particular areas.  This might be a book on integral business, integral ecology, or integral psychotherapy; a multimedia presentation on integral art, integral communications, integral media; or an audiovisual study guide to integral transformative practice, integral medicine, integral education.

At this time, Integral Institute has core teams operating (or soon-to-be operating) in integral business theory, integral business consulting, integral ecology, integral politics, integral art, integral medicine, integral feminism, integral education, integral consciousness studies, integral law, integral spirituality, integral psychology/therapy, and integral transformative practice. (See also Multiplex.)

The various members of these core teams are taken from the roster of active I-I members (see Integral Consulting Services and Multiplex for some of these members.) 

New members to core teams will be accepted in the near future.  If you are interested, please see Multiplex for further details.

These core teams have already begun producing breakthrough studies to truly integral approaches in their various fields.  We at I-I are pleased that many of their integral approaches are ready for public communication and teaching, and we have designed several major ways to begin this outreach.  These include Integral Consulting Services and various Teacher/Training opportunities available through the Multiplex Learning Community.


2.  Multiplex: The World’s First Integral Learning Community

Core teams particularly focus on theoretical issues and are composed of specialists and experts in various fields.  The Multiplex, however, focuses on practice—on communities of integral learning and practice—and can be joined by anybody who wants to help pioneer the practical application of integral approaches.

We have entered into a partnership with our friends at Aesthetic Technologies to create a Web-based online community that is a first of its kind.

The Multiplex is composed of some 30 domains, each with its own website, all linked through the Integral Institute hub.  These domains include Integral Psychotherapy, Integral Law, Integral Politics, Integral Medicine, Integral Education, Integral Business, Integral Coaching, Integral Ecology, Integral Art, Integral Economics, Integral Transformative Practice, Integral Spirituality, Integral Politics... and over 20 more....

Membership in the Multiplex is open to anybody.  Anybody, that is, who is seriously interested in pursuing an integral approach to work or business or relationships or life.  For more information, please see Multiplex


3.  The Communication of Integral Approaches

As the members and associates of Integral Institute and the Multiplex pioneer integral approaches in various fields, the results of this theory, research, and practice are made available to those who would like to use it.  At this time, there are several services that do so (with more in the planning stages):

Integral Consulting Services

Integral Consulting Services (ICS) is a broad activity of Integral Institute that involves virtually every active associate of I-I.  ICS particularly draws its talent from the seasoned practitioners in the core teams and hosts of the Multiplex, who have extensive experience in applying integral methods in a detailed fashion in their various fields.

Integral Consulting sessions involve one or more active members of Integral Institute who have specialized in integral consulting as applied to a particular area.

ICS is the simplest and fastest way to take immediate advantage of the breakthrough approaches being pioneered by the Integral Core Teams.  For more details, please see Integral Consulting Services.

Integral Seminars and Online Courses

Integral Seminars are being planned for virtually every branch of Integral Institute and the Multiplex.  In many cases, online courses in the various fields of integral studies (ecology, psychology, spirituality, art, business, etc.) will also be offered.  If you are interested in any of these, please see Integral Training and Multiplex.  

Training of Integral Practitioners

Another major activity of Integral Institute is the training of qualified teachers and practitioners of the Integral Approach.  This activity will accelerate—and become more available to the public—with the launching of the Multiplex in the summer of 2003.

This training can occur at several levels, in virtually all fields, and over various lengths of time.  For more information, please see Integral Training and Multiplex.


Affiliations and Partnerships with Integral Institute

Integral Institute has three degrees of association with various types of integral approaches now in existence.

(1) Integral Institute Generated Programs. These are programs, courses, consulting services, and products created and offered by Integral Institute itself and by the active members of I-I, core teams, Multiplex, and ICS.  In other words, these are programs offered by practitioners directly working with Integral Institute and thus fully trained in IOS and AQAL approaches.

(2) Integral Institute Certified Programs and Practitioners. These are programs offered by practitioners who have completed various certification programs at Integral Institute; are recognized graduates of Integral Institute programs or core teams; or are of sufficient quality (explicitly working with IOS and AQAL models) that Integral Institute formally recognizes them as I-I affiliated.

(3) Integral Institute Partnerships. These are programs offered by individuals who are not necessarily active members of I-I, but who recognize the value of an IOS or AQAL approach and publicly situate their own work within the integral model.  Such partnerships do not necessarily imply that either partner fully endorses the other, but simply that there is a respectful and mutual sympathy of approaches.

Any other integral approaches now in existence are not in any recognized association with Integral Institute.

For information on how to partner with Integral Institute, please see Integral Training.