Integral Consulting Services (ICS) is the premier source of integral solutions for today's world.  Whether working with individuals, groups, communities, businesses, governments, or international organizations, we offer effective and innovative approaches based the results of Integral Institute's extensive research, theory, and practice.

ICS offers consultations (by email, phone, or in person) with many of the renowned members and affiliates of Integral Institute, including Ken Wilber and over one hundred other integral consultants from around the world.

A few of the members of Integral Institute, and/or ones who have already signed on as consultants, include (in random order):

Larry Dossey, Mike Murphy, Roger Walsh, Frances Vaughan, Don Beck, T George Harris, Ken Wilber, Bob Richards, Ian Mitroff, Jenny Wade, John Forman, Fred Luskin, John Astin, Tom Goddard, Marilyn Schlitz, Gary Schwartz, David Lorimer, George Leonard, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Lawrence Chickering, Drexel Sprecher, Mark Gerzon, Jack Crittenden, Jim Turner, Betsy Lehrfeld, Jim Garrison, Maureen Silos, Mike McDermott, Paul van Schaik, Leo Burke, Jordan Gruber, Fred Kofman, Michael Putz, Robert Forman, Susann Cook-Greuter, Bert Parlee, Leland Johnson, Joe Firmage, Allan Combs, Petra Pieterse, Edith Zundel, Frank Visser, Daryl Paulson, Thomas Jordan, John Rowan, Joel Funk, Michael Mahoney, David Deida, Dick Mann, Peter McNab, Michael Zimmerman, Ron Cacioppe, Tami Simon, Father Thomas Keating, Bob Anderson, Les Kahn, John Cleveland, Adam Engle, Philip Rubinov Jacobson, Alexander (Sandy) Astin, Brother David Stendl-Rast, David Frenette, Helen Astin, Richard Slaughter, Sean Hargens, Keith Thompson, John Kesler, Ronit Herzfeld, Alex Grey, , Fariba Bogzaran, Andre Marquis, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Andrew Cohen, Jim Marion, Jeffrey Stewart, Vernice Solimar, Paul Landraitis, Byron Belitsos, Geoffrey Gioja, Mark Palmer, David Zeitler, Russell Jaffe, Brian Eddy, Scott Warren, Anne Barclay Morgan, Ray Harris, Thom Gehring, Randy Martin, Stuart Davis, Chris Desser, Steve McIntosh, Joyce Nielsen, Karin Swann, Richard Wagner, Michael Ostrolenk, Michal Levin, Gregory Wilpert, Jerry Coursen, Michael Zimmerman.

For other possible consultants, please see the rostrum of founding members at Integral Institute, History.

In addition to consulting with individual advisors, ICS offers team consultations.  As with individual consultations, teams are available in each of I-I's main branches: integral ecology, integral politics, integral art, integral medicine, integral feminism, integral spirituality, integral psychology, integral business, integral law, integral leadership, and integral transformative practice.

Team consultations usually consist of a combination of one or more advanced students of Integral Institute, a senior member of Integral Institute, and a well-known associate or affiliate of I-I.  Team consultations are the most effective way to make use of Integral Institute's extensive theory and research.

As outlined in Integral Institute, Present Activities, specific applications of the Integral approach to various fields are being pioneered by numerous core teams at Integral Institute.  We believe their results are nothing less than revolutionary.

Integral Consulting Services are the simplest and fastest way to take immediate advantage of these exciting approaches being pioneered by Integral Instituteóby its core teams, advanced practitioners, and closely affiliated partners.  

These ICS sessions:

  • can involve one consultant (such as Ken Wilber or any of the active members) or a specially crafted team of consultants
  • can be on a one-time basis or over a series of sessions
  • can involve the application of integral methods to virtually any area: business; psychotherapy; the creation of private integral medical or law practice; student projects, theses, and dissertations; teaching integral courses at the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate level; creating a personal integral practice, and so forth
  • can be by email, phone, or in person

If you would like to arrange an initial consultation with Ken Wilber and/or any of our other integral consultants, please email us at and let us know.  Be sure to include: a statement of your presenting issue; which consultant(s) you would like to work with; whether you want one or more sessions; and whether you would like the sessions by email, phone, or in person.  Your emails will be answered in the order we receive them, and based on the availability of ICS services. 

The types and availability of ICS services, which are limited to a handful of select clients at this time, will increase significantly with the Multiplex, launching in summer/fall 2003.  The Multiplex is a pioneer in the practical application of integral approaches to virtually all fields, personal to professional.  Not only can individuals become members of the Multiplex and help forge various integral approaches themselves, the results of such practical wisdom are also being made professionally available through Integral Consulting Services, often offered by the hosts of the various domains.  Please watch this website for news about these major developments.