Mercury Theater

Mercury Theater is the public outreach and educational branch of Integral Institute.   Its first formal presentation is Integral Naked.



Integral Naked is a series of unedited, uncensored, live, and taped-live conversations between the most influential, provocative, and important thinkers and leaders in today’s world. 

These intense, raw, straightforward discussions—delivered by audio streaming—cover a comprehensive sweep of issues relevant in today’s world—from business to personal growth, from public education to meditation, from politics to ecology, from sexuality to spirituality. 

The various thought leaders engaged in these discussions are doing so “off stage”—often in phone conversations, personal settings, or casual meetings, revealing sides of themselves that clarify, focus, and supplement their thoughts and ideas found in conventional channels.  These are, indeed, conversations you will hear nowhere else.

These dialogues are part of the exciting culture of integral consciousness emerging in connection with the Multiplex.  If you would like to listen to these dialogues and participate in their discussion, please see Integral Naked. If you would like to join the Multiplex itself, please see Join Us, Multiplex.