My art explores the journey of spiritual awakening. For me each canvas is a window to our Divine selves, here I invite the infinite beauty of nature to reveal universal truths.

As a child I realized at an early age that painting is my chosen form of expression. I went on to study at the Art Institute of Chicago. Working in the advanced painting program I graduated as one of the top 10 painters of the year at the school in 1990.

I have been blessed in my life with the ability to travel and experience many world cultures. My travels have led me to study ancient forms of cultural symbolism. I understand these timeless symbols are actually keys to unlocking our awareness of our Divine nature. Creating and viewing these symbols act as catalysts and resonate within psychic archetypes to raise our collective consciousness. Native American sand paintings have inspired the spiritual depth within my work. The composing of a sand painting is that of an active prayer, done by a shaman as a act of healing. It utilizes the creative force of life itself. The process of painting is as important as the finished product. Being aware of this process is being in the present moment, where the eternal creative life force exists. Using this painting process with awareness and intent the artist can create an energy used to heal and transform.

I consciously incorporate ancient symbols and sacred geometry into my paintings to activate your inner eye, allowing you a glimpse of this eternal moment beyond time.

My most recent work explores the Taoist philosophies of spirituality and art. The emphasis of this art is the tranquility of life with a hint of our immortal nature.

Each painting is infused with my intention of promoting peace and tranquility, hopefully being a inspiration for meditation and self reflection, offering you a life promoting and healing experience.

Imago Dei / 2022

  Taoist and Visionary Art Posted 10.01.07