Devon Bryant is known for acquiring imagery from a large range of mathematical, spiritual, scientific, and religious symbols, and bending them to his own purpose. About the Released Spirit series, he says “These pieces are part of an ongoing series I have been working on for the past year or so. It started when I saw an image in a Tantra book of a Jainist sculpture of the released spirit. It was very simple, just a flat plane of the negative space of a figure, yet so suggestive. I immediately acquired the image for my work.”

The result is a series that reminds the viewer of both Tibetan deities and plastic action figures. Devon sees this as the most successful aspect of the series. “In the same way that Buddhism, when brought to Tibet, was clothed in a garb to make it accessible to the Bon religion. When I finished this series, I had this vague feeling I couldn’t quite place. Then it hit me. It was the magic feeling of possibilities that came with seeing a new cartoon or set of shiny action figures as a kid. It occurred to me that super-heroes and the like were the dominant mythic religious gods of modern America. And this series, though based on transcendent ideas, are clothed in an appropriate form for this point in time.”

Please enjoy the possibilities embodied in these unique images, and don’t forget to collect ‘em all.

Released Spirit Posted 06.13.05
Measure of All Things Posted 01.01.07