Jeff Lohrius' Artist's Statement:

My work speaks to the medicinal potency and potential of visual expression. The Vedic concept of Yajna (sacrifical fire offering) reflects how I approach my art making: offering up the smaller sense of self to be transformed within the fire of awareness. I am interested in how visual language (again relating to the fire theme captured for example in the kabalistic tradition: flame letters) and sacred geometry directly interface with the human vehicle (energy bodies/meridians as well as dna/genetic structure). I consider my work to be holographic templates that operate in a multidimensional way to align energy and promote wholeness. They reflect the mission of art as evolutionary agent/vehicle in the sense of giving form to higher expressions of consciousness.

These pieces are snapshots from my current art injunction/initiative which is to create a visual blog containing an original digital painting each day. The method is based in the concept of speed painting, a quick form of working which seeks to capture the foundation and essence of the piece through sound compositional and value orchestration. I am also attempting to allow the freedom and speed of the digital medium to dictate form. Each piece is completed between 15-30 minutes. I am seeking to manifest a holonic ecosystem within the digital plane that captures light and tension. Working in this way loosens me up gesturally, helps me relinquish control, and also fosters trust in the overall process. Some of these visual seeds may serve as blueprints and/or inspiration for more fully rendered pieces.

Speed PaintingsPosted 07.30.06