My work is a neo-classic counter-revolution to the emotionally vapid and endlessly self-referencing post-modern thought and artwork. The artwork exhibits the classic skills of drawing and painting with the balance of a modern mindset. I have always had a primary interest in the tactile experience of making beautiful expressions in the traditional forms of printmaking, sculpture, painting and drawing. Throughout my career I have carefully sought out opportunities to display and apply artwork in a manner that will reach as many people as possible, while maintaining tight control on the quality and content of the artwork. I have spent my career participating in the numerically smaller but more influential circles of the galleries and museums; however, the I firmly believe that artwork has a primary function to ennoble the public. In order to create an awareness and appreciation of the Arts, Art must be connected to our daily lives and must find applications that engenders understanding and implants the desire to have the Arts as a permanent partner in the everyday experience of our lives.

To achieve that end goal I am continuing the process of targeting specific markets and demographics to build the Artist as a brand. In the American as well as the Global marketplace, well-defined brands are a currency of their own. These brands can permeate deep below the surface consumer culture and become a representation of timelessness, a force for change, a power for good and a tangible, consumable commodity. It is my long-term desire to enjoy a long, extremely productive career with commercial components and to transcend a specific time or narrow modality of expression.

Mark T. Smith / Miami / 2022

Studio View Posted 04.02.07