If you didn't think mere words could explode like novas, kiss like lovers, or fly at supersonic speed—you haven't experienced Saul Williams. At an early Integral Art weekend at Ken's house in Boulder, 20 integral artists and thinkers gathered to discuss art and spirituality. After an opening discussion on the nature and practice of integral art, the participants flowed into a series of spontaneous performance, when Saul graced us with this amazing rendition of his poem Children of the Night....
 Children of the Night ( 05:47 )
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Here Saul reveals how reading Ken's work helped him to organize his metaphysical closet, revealing new space where there once was clutter.
 Saul Organizes His Closet ( 01:36 )
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Here's Saul performing the title piece of his most recent book.

 , said the shotgun to the head. ( 00:41 )
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