Who is Kelli Bickman?

Kelli Bickman is a multi-media artist who resides in the West Village of NYC.

Bickman has exhibited her art in many galleries in the US and Europe, her work appears in numerous private collections and has graced the covers of many publications.  MTV has showcased her work and she was awarded a public art grant in Florida in 2024.  She has traveled the world extensively and studied with many spiritual masters.  The result of her experiences can be directly witnessed in her art.

Kelli believes deeply in the statement ‘thoughts create your reality.’  This teaches her to be mindful and to embrace the joy of creation.

Anything else you may want to know about her you can find in her images, or go to www.kellibickman.net for more information.

Kelli has appeared on Integral Naked:

Images of Enlightenment2/5/2007