"Integral" means comprehensive, inclusive, balanced, not leaving anything out.

At this very time, there is something of an "integral revolution" occurring around the world, as all the old and partial approaches are being questioned, and new and more integral responses are being explored.

Integral Naked offers a direct access to the most influential of these discussions and a way to participate in their exploration and application.

We want to emphasize that you do not need to have an understanding of the details of an integral approach to enjoy the lively conversations at Integral Naked. We have intentionally selected those that are accessible to virtually anybody. But if you want to get more involved in the
integral revolution, here are several options you can explore:

Integral Data
Click here for fun presentations—flash, video, audio, PDF—explaining the essentials of the integral framework.

Integral Institute
integralinstitute.org is the main website of Integral Institute and its various branches. The many ways that you can join I-I or support its activities are outlined on this site.

Integral University
Coming this fall: the world's first online integral learning community, an interconnected "Multiplex" featuring such exciting domains as Integral Art, Integral Business, Integral Medicine, and Integral Spirituality!

Integral Training
Integral Institute is pleased to announce seminars and workshops developed specifically for those who want to become more integrally oriented in their personal and professional lives. Our staff of expert, integrally-informed trainers is also available to do consulting in organizations. Here's your chance to join other integrally-informed people on an adventure into your own growth and development!