Jana Espiritu Santo

Our first contest winner was chosen for her exceptional entry. Jana Espiritu Santo is an integral anomaly (artist). Her wild fashions, unique varied interests, and youthful integrated lifestyle are a gift to the integral community.

This video clip documents Jana's weekend visit to Boulder. Starting at the Denver airport she was immersed in the local scene of Denver/Boulder. Some of the highlights were a bitchin' Stuart Davis concert and Integral Naked event, a romp through the streets of Boulder, and late night parties in Ken Wilber's house outside of Boulder. (Ken currently resides in Denver.)

Jana is a passionate integral artist. From her 4 quadrant nails to SES charts pasted on her clothing it permeates her identity. At home in Simi Valley she is involved in an integral art Salon, leads a Ken Wilber meet up group, and composes her own music.

 IN Contest Winner! - Jana Espiritu Santo ( 09:00 )
Broadband  |  Dialup  |  Download WMV   5/30/2022

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