A Seminar on Sexual Yoga

David Deida

It was our great honor to feature best-selling author and spiritual provocateur David Deida as a teacher at a recent Integral Transformative Practice seminar. In this raucous, free-flowing, and wholly spontaneous sequence of clips, Deida takes the audience through a series of thought experiments, demonstrations, and personal reflections on the experiences of yogic sexuality and intimate communion.

In this introduction clip, Deida explains the difference between Therapy, Yoga, and Spiritual Practice as they pertain to sexuality. While Therapy deals with "function," and Spiritual Practice with "glow," Deida sets the stage for a discussion of the actual "flow" of Yogic energy, to be the focus of subsequent clips.
 Function, Flow, and Glow ( 05:03 )
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In this second clip, Deida opens with a brilliant analogy adding further distinction to the therapy/yoga/spiritual practice trichotomy. He then drives home the importance of not mixing the three modes in the practice of sexual yoga, noting that while therapeutic sex may require an environment of safety, yoga requires the temporary exploration of extremes of being (think Picasso, or Stuart Davis). Check it out:
 Sexual Therapy, Sexual Yoga, & Spiritual Practice ( 10:53 )
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Now we're getting to the good stuff! In clip #3, Deida polls the audience on their sexual realizations, then sends them into hysterics as he pantomimes a handful of hilariously imbalanced sexual personas. He then respectfully ruminates on the therapeutic deficiencies of the great Ramana Maharshi, before making the counterintuitive claim that the world's greatest artists touch us so deeply BECAUSE of their imbalance! Enjoy....
 Sexuality as Art ( 07:12 )
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Here, Deida shifts gears a bit to counteract the reputation he seems to have gained as a teacher who deals mostly with feminine and masculine "types" by explaining the more fundamental dynamic he is dealing with: the play of masculine Witness and feminine Phenomena, or Observer and Observed. He goes on to offer some good-natured ribbing of the Masculine path while explaining the essence of the Feminine path, which is the capacity to fully identify and dance with Form. As we will soon see, this is an important distinction to make when discussing yogic sex....
 The Dance of Masculine and Feminine ( 08:57 )
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The hilarity continues as Deida addresses the more concrete aspects of sexual yoga. Drawing further comparisons to artists working in other fields, he firsts stresses the importance of constant practice and the continual pushing of one's limits. Then, as an experiment, he asks the audience to consider the importance of expressing the unchanging consciousness of the Masculine (or the constant dance of the universe displayed by the Feminine) in the body itself. He then does his best "lame boyfriend" imitation to drive the point home! Have fun with this one....
 Playing the Extremes. Part 1. ( 09:40 )
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