The Appearance of the Integral Feminine: Women's Integral Life Practice

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  • In March of 2024 we hosted a very intimate gathering with Willow Pearson, Diane Musho Hamilton Sensei, and Sofia Diaz, offering a brief glimpse into the inner-workings of the much renowned Women's Integral Life Practice (WILP) seminars. This may be especially valuable to all of the integral men out there, most of whom are likely wondering "what the hell goes on at those things, anyway?!"

    Come Join Us This September!  This is the third year we've held this seminar with the core teaching team of Diane, Sofia and Willow.  We will cover the core modules of Integral Life Practice—Body, Mind, Spirit, and Shadow—and a whole lot more. The past two Women's seminars have been over-the-top incredible.  The groups that have come through have had the privilege of entering into surprisingly deep intimacy and radical growth, where love and challenge meet in a practice environment where self and Self are not opposed, and girl and God are one.

    In addition to the other core modules of ILP, this year we'll have a special emphasis on Feminine Shadow as Ally… What is she, how does she manifest, what does she look like at different levels of development, and why we need our female friends to work with her.

    This seminar is intended for both women new to or unfamiliar with Integral as well as those who currently have an Integral Life Practice or have joined this seminar or other ILP seminars in the past.

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    Right now, as you are reading this, try to recall your very first memory. Remember the colors, the sounds, the smells, even as the details elusively shift around in your mind's eye. More importantly, try to remember who you were at that moment, what you meant by the word "I." Now return your attention to where you are right now—take a deep breath and feel the space around you, listen to the sounds in the background, be it the birds singing, the rain hitting your window, or the reassuring hum of your hard drive. Looking across the ocean of time separating you from your earliest memories, you might notice two things: everything in your life has changed, yet something remains eternally the same. The sense of I Amness at the very core of your being, the infinitely unchanging Now—this is the sacred masculine. And absolutely everything else is the sacred feminine—everything you can touch, smell, taste, and think, every fleeting form within this effortless expanse of I Amness. And together, an entire Kosmos manifests, plays, dances, fights, and makes love, right before (and behind) your eyes...
     The Appearance of the Integral Feminine ( 10:06 )
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    In Part 2 of Willow, Sophia, and Diane's audio trialogue about the feminine shadow, Willow offers a beautiful adaptation of a quote by 9th century Zen teacher Tung Shan: "She is now no other than myself, but i am not now her." This delicious phrasing can help illuminate the powerful nature of feminine communion, the ability to deeply immerse ourselves in another perspective, while maintaining healthy differentiation and not getting lost in the fusion of relationship. From this space we can clearly see the intrinsic beauty of every person's face, as well as the profound richness of experience dwelling behind every person's eyes, recognized as the fractalized expressions of our own divine Feminine.
     Forms of the Integral Feminine ( 10:38 )
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