Author and green building expert, David Johnston, is a leading thinker behind the green building movement, transforming the way we think about building.  His approach to green building has been embraced by municipalities, homeowners, building professionals and sustainability advocates nation-wide.

This talk was recorded in September 2021 at the Integral Sustainability Conference.  David offers his unique wisdom from using the AQAL model to transform sectors of the building market for over 20 yrs.  David speaks with equal ease about complex system dynamics and real world applications.  During this introduction he makes the incredible statement, "My goal has been to work on the largest scale I could possibly comprehend, with as many players as I could engage in conversation towards the most rapid transformation possible with the least amount of effort."  Can Capitalism and Environmentalism be compatible?  With an integral perspective, anything is possible.

 An AQAL Approach to Green Building ( 12:51 )
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 Affecting the Market with Skillful Means ( 16:45 )
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 Tales from the Trenches ( 12:45 )
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