Diane Musho Hamilton is one of Integral Institute's most popular and beloved seminar trainers, and we are very happy to have her join us as a therapia teacher. A senior Zen student under Genpo Roshi, she is also a certified facilitator of Genpo's Big Mind process, a technique which adapts and expands voice dialogue to effectively "point out" meditative insights that would normally take years to achieve (for more on Big Mind, click here). Diane is also formally trained in mediation, group facilitation, and conflict resolution.

Diane works with a very light touch, and never assumes that she knows more than the individual she is speaking with. Indeed, she often jokes that she's happy to be of help—so long as no one expects her input to automatically be helpful. Of course, as anyone who has worked with her will likely attest, that degree of modesty is a touch unfounded... but then again, it just may be that degree of modesty that makes her such a valuable companion on the intimate journeys within.

We invite you to find out for yourself why Diane has touched so many lives, in so many ways, all across the world....

For the past year, Paul has inhabited a lifestyle that is slowly but surely destroying his life. You see, Paul is an artist. In fact, Paul is a rather extraordinary artist whose creative impulses often manifest with an explicitly integral emphasis. But, as he admits, his passionate embrace of the Romantic Artist archetype—in all its glory and tragic brilliance—has made his life decidedly less than integral.

Using voice dialogue, Diane and Paul engage a host of exciting and unusual voices all vying for Paul’s attention: the Muse, Artistic Discipline, the Creative Problem Solver, and the Artistic Realist. Incredibly, a synthesis emerges, and the unique flexibility and scalability of an Integral Life Practice suggests just how to put that synthesis into action—in other words, practical advice for how to make sure Paul lives to his 30th birthday. We are extremely excited.

This is integral exploration at its finest, and we invite you to join in!

 Supplementing the Muse: Towards an Integral Lifestyle for the Creatively Obsessed ( 40:00 )
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For more on Integral Life Practice, check out MyILP.com and Paul’s 90-Day ILP Challenge blog.

Annie has a secret... one which she has kept well-hidden for years. And yet, to those who know and love her, it's no secret all. Her "secret" is as blindingly obvious as the sunrise, and just as warm and colorful. Everyone knows Annie's secret—that is, everyone but Annie. In the same way that an eye cannot see itself, sometimes the sun cannot behold its own splendor. Sometimes it is only in the mirrored surface of the summer lake below that the sun can notice that it is shining.

And so it is with Annie... and so it is with Diane. Seer and seen, lover and beloved, the form and the emptiness. All is touched, all is blessed, and all is released into that which is most intimate....

(Diane draws upon Genpo Roshi's Big Mind process in this session, which is a type of voice dialogue adapted and expanded to work with both relative and ultimate aspects of the self. For more information, see the introductory material above.)

 The Secret ( 34:00 )
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