“I work out and meditate everyday as part of an Integral Life Practice and the results have been totally amazing. I am happier, healthier and feeling younger at 34 than I did at 24.”

Eddie Kowalczyk of the band Live
  Learn the most practical and cutting-edge form
of body/mind/spirit cross-training on the planet, in
5 focused days with the best teachers available.

Integral Life Practice is a radical new approach to awareness, well-being, and transformation. In our 5-day ILP workshop you'll explore Integral practice through a mix of activities that works on the most essential aspects of your life: body, mind, and spirit in self, culture, and nature. You'll learn directly from our world-class teachers and be part of a community that will challenge you to embody your highest self, while supporting you fully in the process.

*Ken Wilber will be available via live teleconference sessions.

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Upcoming seminar to be scheduled soon. To be notified, please send an email to training@integralinstitute.org with the subject line: Please notify me about Integral Life Practice.

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