Join us for a deeper experience of Integral Life Practice—and yourself—in a community of committed practitioners, and under the guidance
of Integral Institute’s top ILP teachers.
  Learn how to more intimately weave practice into your everyday life. At ILP level 2 you’ll go further into the 4 core modules of ILP, along with
auxiliary and 1-Minute Modules.

The ILP Level 2 workshop (ILP2) is a powerful next step in the development of your Integral Life Practice, and in your own growth and realization.

This workshop is limited to people who have attended Integral Life Practice, Level 1 (also presented under the title: “Integral Transformative Practice”).

Ken WilberDeveloped by Ken Wilber and ILP team at Integral Institute. Featuring personal appearances by Ken Wilber, President of Integral Institute and lead developer of Integral Life Practice.

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Upcoming seminar to be scheduled soon. To be notified, please send an email to with subject line: Please notify me about Integral Life Practice, Level 2.

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