In this 5-day mystical and practical immersion you are invited to open to the transformative power of:

Discovering Your Soul Print: Your Vehicle From the Personal to the Transpersonal

There has never been a another soul exactly like you, nor will there ever be. Discover how realizing your own radical uniqueness (m’yuchad) supports you in unfolding into unity (yachad). Engaging close readings of ancient manuscripts and deep discernment meditations on the Soul-Print Path of Kabbalistic Wisdom, you will learn to powerfully embrace what is intimately personal to awaken into the glory of the transpersonal.

The Path of the Erotic and the Holy: Transcending the Pre/Trans Fallacy

What can erotic love teach us about the Divine? In modern Western thought, the sexual is often seen as being the opposite of the spiritual. When we understand the force of Eros that lies within sexuality, we can tap into a limitless reservoir of spiritual wisdom. The sexual models the erotic, but it does not exhaust it. Accepting Eros as your spiritual teacher will guide you with sweetness and tenderness towards “being a lover” in every aspect of your life. When you live from your erotic core, bringing the spirit of the lover to each facet of your life, the most valuable lessons of spiritual awakening come naturally and without resistance. Based on close readings of the ancient temple traditions from the great Temple in Jerusalem, meditations and exercises, the path of the erotic and the holy invites us into the kabbalistic tantra of everyday living.

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