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Sometimes it is far more painful to remain a bud than it is to flower. This is an invitation to burst forth and flower into a union with all of Nature. There are time-honored ways of living and understanding the world that enable us to bloom with a more luminous beauty, a wider truth, and a deeper goodness. This workshop will provide experiences and insights that not only give you a mystical experience with Gaia, but also teach you to recreate it at will. Join us in the Rocky Mountains, as we invite you into an increasingly radiant fullness of self.

Henry David Thoreau once called upon us to spend our days enjoying the "sublime revelations of Nature." In the spirit of a 21st century Integral vision, we invite you to spend five days with us enjoying the sublime revelations of nature, Nature, and NATURE. By this, we mean reveling in and exploring your own embodied nature, the surrounding Nature of the Colorado mountains, and the Integral NATURE of self, other, and the world as One.

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