Willow Pearson

Willow Pearson, MA, LPC, MT-BC is a founding member of Integral Institute and directs the Center for Integral Sexuality and Gender Studies, co-directs the Center for Integral Psychotherapy and is a contributing member of the Center for Integral Arts at Integral University. She is founder and director of Lionessroars Therapeutic Arts, based in Boulder, Colorado, where she is in private practice providing integral psychotherapy and voicework. Willow teaches workshops and courses on Integral Artistry to diverse learning communities and trains practitioners in the theory and praxis of integral psychotherapy. In practicing the therapeutic and musical arts, Willow draws on her integral training in shamatha vipassana meditation, tonglen, and ashtanga yoga.
Willow has worked for over a decade in various mental health and medical settings, including the Zen Hospice Project in San Francisco, California, the Mental Health Center of Boulder County, Colorado, and Boulder Community Hospital—where she founded the Music Care Program in 1999. An alumna of Naropa University's graduate program in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, Willow's undergraduate honors work at Stanford University centered on the intersection of Feminist Studies, International Relations, and Health Psychology. Willow currently serves on faculty at Naropa University, where she teaches integral psychology and the creative arts at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

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