If you would like to participate in the ground-breaking work being pioneered by Integral Institute, there are several ways you can become involved.



One is to enter any of the training programs available and thus begin to practice an Integral approach in your own life and work.  Those who graduate from various training programs are eligible to become part of the core team network and thus contribute directly to the creation and dissemination of integral theory and practice.  Please see Integral Training for more details.  The number and types of Integral Training will increase significantly with the launch of the Multiplex, so please stay tuned to this site for news of these developments.



If you would like to volunteer time and services to Integral Institute, please email us at volunteer@integralinstitute.org with any suggestions about how you would like to help.  Although we cannot answer these emails at this time, we will keep your name on file and contact you as soon as openings become available.





Paul Tillich once commented, “What we call the ‘Renaissance’ was participated in by about one thousand people.

That is a jolting thought, but revolutionary endeavors often start in exactly that fashion, with a small number of evolved souls exploring new territories of culture and consciousness.  The Multiplex, a multidimensional matrix of integral learning, is such an endeavor, grounded in knowledge and compassion, theory and practice, care and justice, consciousness and culture.

Want to participate in history?  At this time, the Multiplex itself—the world’s first Integral Learning Community—is under construction, due to launch in summer/fall 2003.  In essence, the Multiplex is an online geodesic Dome with some 30 individual websites linked through the Integral Commons, allowing thousands of individuals from around the world to participate in a Rising Culture of Consciousness.  (Please see Multiplex for the details of this pioneering development.)

Such an endeavor is obviously an enormous undertaking.  You can wait until fall 2003 to become a partner in this adventure, or you can begin to help right now.  We can particularly use volunteers (see above); and, needless to say, financial contributions are always needed and welcomed.  Here’s how to help with that if you wish:


Donations and Contributions

People are often uncomfortable with talk of donations.  Not us.  You can put your money where your vision is right now.  Contributions from like-spirited pioneers of this emergent Integral Vision support the various activities described on this site, and most especially, your contributions support the construction and launch of the Multiplex, which will be, if you want, the place where you yourself can directly participate in this great adventure. 

So here’s the details.   All deductions are of course tax deductible.  Although we can do no more than acknowledge your contributions at this time, your name is entered in our files as a Friend of Integral Institute, and as we near the launch of the Multiplex, you will be the first to be notified.  At this time, your generosity of spirit will directly contribute to the creation of the world’s first Integral Learning Community—and we hope to see you there when it launches…..  

To make a donation with your credit card right now, please click on one of the links below:

$25  |  $50  |  $100  |  $200  |  $500  |  $1000

Other Amount

If you would like to schedule a regular monthly donation to Integral Institute, click here.

The New Medici

If the Renaissance was participated in by about a thousand people, it seems to have been financed by about a dozen.

If you would like to be a member of the President's Circle ($10,000 up)—please contact Colin Bigelow at Colin@integralinstitute.org.  We make no bones about this, either.  Members of the President's Circle have access to intimate gatherings of the senior members of I-I and the world's leading integral theorists and practitioners.  We work closely with such contributors in designing areas of research and application that advance the cause of integral understanding.   We particularly appreciate partners in the President’s Circle for the significant help that it provides in the construction of the Multiplex.  Ken and other associates of I-I will be glad to talk with you about this or any other ways that you might wish to help with the creation of history’s first Integral Learning Community. 


Integral Naked

Another way you can help with the construction of the Multiplex is to join Integral Naked, whose proceeds go toward this endeavor. Integral Naked is a preview of the types of discussions and adventures that the Multiplex will offer on a larger scale, with even more participation by members. Until the Multiplex goes live, Integral Naked is virtually the only source of integral conversations available anywhere, and we hope you will join us in these exciting dialogues.



Integral Institute has already drawn a large number of rather extraordinary young men and women—integral youth, if you will—and the future of I-I lies in their hands. Various Integral Salons are in the planning, and Integral Discussion Groups are springing up around the world.  The Integral Institute Youth Team, "IntegralNEXT," is currently planning ways to coordinate and serve these emerging communities.  An iNEXT website is in the works.  In the meantime, if you would like to get involved or simply share any ideas, please email us at youth@integralinstitute.org.  Although we cannot answer your emails at this time, they will be carefully read and kept on file.  When IntegralNEXT goes live, you'll be among the first to know.