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Integral University

Paul Tillich once commented, “What we call the ‘Renaissance’ was participated in by about one thousand people.”

That is a jolting thought, but revolutionary endeavors often start in exactly that fashion, with a small number of evolved souls exploring new territories of culture and consciousness. Integral University, a multidimensional matrix of integral learning, is such an endeavor, grounded in knowledge and compassion, theory and practice, care and justice, consciousness and culture.

Want to participate in history? At this time, Integral University (also known as the Multiplex) is under construction and rapidly approaching launch. In essence, the Multiplex is an online geodesic sphere with some 20 to 40 individual websites linked through the Integral Commons, allowing thousands of individuals from around the world to participate in a Rising Culture of Consciousness. (Please see Integral University for the details of this pioneering development.)

Such an endeavor is obviously an enormous undertaking. You can wait until launch to become a partner in this adventure, or you can begin to help right now. We can particularly use volunteers; and, needless to say, financial contributions are always needed and welcomed.

Integral Naked

Another way you can help with the construction of Integral University is to join Integral Naked, whose proceeds go toward this endeavor. Integral Naked is a preview of the types of discussions and adventures that Integral University (or the Multiplex) will offer on a larger scale, with even more participation by members. Until the Multiplex goes live, Integral Naked is virtually the only source of integral conversations available anywhere, and we hope you will join us in these exciting dialogues.


Another way to get involved is to enter any of the training programs available and thus begin to practice an Integral approach in your own life and work. Those who graduate from various training programs are eligible to become part of the core team network and thus contribute directly to the creation and dissemination of integral theory and practice. Please see Integral Training for more details. The number and types of Integral Training will increase significantly with the launch of Integral University, so please stay tuned to this site for news of these developments (see Bulletin Board).

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