Turn Your Inspiration Into Transformation

We all say we want to live a more balanced and healthy life.  We want to look better, eat better, have more meaningful relationships, learn new skills, engage the world more creatively, and feel inspired in every part of our lives. 

Sometimes we even start to develop new habits, only to let them slide away once our lives become busy or our motivation wanes….

When that happens, what is the typical pattern that we all share?  We glimpse a new possibility for ourselves, however it arises, and are inspired to live from this expanded state.  But, as this experience comes and goes, we let our old habits creep back in.  Sound familiar?

So the big question is: how do we turn our inspiration into actual transformation in our lives?  The Integral Life Practice Kit was developed by using the Integral model, a comprehensive map of human development, to organize the many practices available to us today - east and west, ancient and modern - to help us answer this question.
The ILP Kit provides the framework for you to channel the energy of your inspiration into powerful practices, which lead to sustained transformation.  The Integral Life Practice Kit was created so that anyone can take advantage of these insights - whether you are simply trying to bring more balance into your life, or you are pushing towards the leading edge of consciousness. 

The ILP Kit will help you focus not only on one area of your life, but rather on the whole of it.  You will learn specific practices aimed at engaging the fundamental aspects of your being - body, mind, spirit and shadow — so that your life becomes your practice.

The exceptional teachers in the ILP Kit will show you how to:
  • Increase your physical health and energy with the 3-Body Workout™, a daily practice that integrates strength training (physical body), energy practice (subtle body), and feeling to infinity (causal body).
  • Catalyze your spiritual growth with Big Mind™ Meditation, a profound experience of your highest self and biggest heart, using an elegant integration of Zen and Western psychology.
  • Restore emotional balance and relational joy with the 3-2-1 Shadow Work Process™, a quick and powerful technique for revealing and integrating hidden or “shadow” aspects of yourself.
  • Provide mental clarity with the AQAL™ Framework, the most comprehensive map of reality available. 

If you are already engaged in a practice, the ILP Kit will show you how to place it within a comprehensive framework that fully makes sense of it.   It will help you find a place for everything in your life!

Short on time these days?  We’ve created "on-the-go" versions of each practice, just for you.  So even when life is hectic, these One-Minute Modules allow you to keep the momentum that will enable each practice to become a solid part of your life - every day.

The ILP Kit is regularly $249, but along with the free bonus gifts, we are also offering a $50 discount. So for $199 you can take a big step towards creating the life that you really want.

Our mission is to help you to further awaken to who you truly are. We believe the Integral Life Practice Kit has everything that you need to help you create your own ILP, and to live a more conscious and compassionate life. But, if it doesn’t work out for you, it can be returned within one year for a full refund – so there’s no risk to you.

Are you ready to live as an expression of your deepest truth? 

The Integral Life Practice Kit can help you start, right now!

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“Thanks to my work with ILP, I’m in a new groove. For the first time in my life, I look and feel at home in my body.  Daily 3-Body practice is invaluable, giving me much needed discipline and rejuvenation... My family and friends are impressed with the results, and some of them are getting hooked, too. Meditation is my new best friend... Lately I’ve had bouts of joy so intense, it hurts!”

– Edith Friesen; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


iv 1  The Integral Vision
by Ken Wilber
Ken’s newest book is the perfect introduction for those that are new to Integral.  Here’s what Publisher’s Weekly had to say about it:

"Philosopher, psychologist, and mystic Wilber delivers on the subtitle's far-reaching promise. . . . Chock full of handsome illustrations and spare, Zen-like diagrams and tables, Wilber's work here is still accessible and at times surprisingly practical. Some language spirals up majestically, recalling great Eastern texts. Reminiscent in spirit and watershed import of Ram Dass's Be Here Now, Wilber may well have created a popular classic for explorers on the frontiers of humanity.“ — Publisher's Weekly

ilp 2  Six months free access to the myILP community features on the new Integral Life web portal!

Have you noticed that it’s more fun to practice with friends than on your own?  Use the code supplied with your ILP Starter Kit to plug-in to a community of active Integral Life Practitioners.  Engage and integrate our practice tools to assess, clarify, and deepen your routine.  With myILP you can: share your practices, ask questions, and get the support you need.  Launching in winter 2021!

ken 3  What is the nature of the self and how does it develop?
with Ken Wilber
Live audio recording from a conversation at Ken’s loft. (30 minutes)
In this previously unreleased discussion, Ken talks about the different aspects of the self and how what we identify with changes as we grow over time.  Regarding the topic, Ken says “this is probably the mono-theme of all of my work”.  Those that are already familiar with Integral and are interested in developmental theory should find this conversation fascinating.

If you are new to Integral, it would be helpful to read your free copy of The Integral Vision before listening to this talk.


4  Integral Spiritual Practice
with Ken Wilber
Audio passage featuring an excerpt from Kosmic Consciousness. (29 minutes)

In this dialog with Sounds True founder and publisher Tami Simon, Ken Wilber examines the benefits and challenges of working with a spiritual teacher and offers listeners guidelines on how to go about choosing one. Ken also explains how an integrally-informed perspective can help you to better integrate those rare glimmers of spiritual insight into the broader fabric of your life.

cp 5  Oneness Isn’t Metaphysical
by Bill Harris
PDF article on the real secrets to spiritual growth

Oneness Isn't Metaphysical, by Bill Harris, describes why One Taste is not metaphysical pie-in-the-sky, but rather something very tangible, something dramatically obvious, right here, right now. These beautifully bound articles use Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist—and Western—metaphors, as well as modern post-vision-logic thought experiments, to describe the Indescribable.

Calling these articles an elegant "finger-pointing-at-the-moon," many readers have said that they did, indeed, taste their own Oneness while reading—and that these explanations helped them integrate their understanding of experiences they have had.

Zen Master Genpo Roshi so liked these articles that he asked Bill if he could use some of the same stories and examples in his own talks.

Bill Harris is Director of Centerpointe Research Institute, and creator of Holosync audio technology, a method of using combinations of sine wave audio tones to create the brain wave patterns of deep meditation. Over 400,000 people in 173 countries have used Holosync to accelerate and deepen their meditation practice.

gr 6  Guided Meditation with Genpo Roshi
Audio passage featuring a guided meditation with Genpo Roshi. (27 minutes)

Follow along with Zen Master Genpo Roshi, as he uses Big Mind to guide you to a deep meditative state. This recording can be used everyday to help you establish a strong meditation practice.

The Big Mind process, developed by Genpo Roshi and featured in the ILP Kit, is a revolutionary approach that integrates Zen and western psychology to help you access your True Self.

“The Big Mind process is an astonishingly original, profound and effective path for waking up, or seeing one’s True Nature.  It is such a simple and universal practice it can be used in any spiritual path you wish, or even by itself, as a practice for realizing your True Self.”
– Ken Wilber

wie 7  What Is Enlightenment? Magazine
Two free downloadable articles

“I believe that What Is Enlightenment? is perhaps the finest magazine available on the topic of spirituality, modern and ancient. It is not afraid to challenge sacred cows or postmodern clichés. It cuts through to the very heart of the matter.”
-Ken Wilber

Discover how a revolution in human consciousness and culture will create the future—in the environment, science, spirituality, social activism, and more.  By engaging with a surprising diversity of leading thinkers and visionaries, What Is Enlightenment? pursues today’s most important questions with a bold commitment to map a truly twenty-first century spirituality—a map for individual and cultural transformation.
Receive two free PDF articles:

  • God's Playing a New Game: Andrew Cohen & Ken Wilber in dialogue on Integral Spirituality, Evolutionary Enlightenment, and the Future of Religion
  • The Real Evolution Debate: Everything you always wanted to know about evolution that the mass media wouldn’t tell you

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