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Bibliography of Ken Wilber's Art Writings

I've created a more or less complete bibliography of Ken Wilber's writings on Integral Art/Aesthetics. (Members, click here to download.) Please leave any feedback or suggestions you might have in the comments section of this post. All of the assets listed in the biblio are available as PDFs in the Integral Art Center file share. Altogether, there is about 100 pages of material, so enjoy!

Published Monday, June 11, 2021 6:44 PM by wrench



philosophia said:


I’ve downloaded everything in Integral Art and I am a great fan of Mathew Dallman writing in the area of integral art.

Could anyone  point me in any direction that might be helpful and I’ll use two artists to illustrate my points, Mathew Barney and the Cremaster cycle and the painter Anslem kiefer.

About me, an artist, returned  to University as a mature student and expect to go all the way up to a PhD in some form of art practise as research, research as art practise.

I have also been looking through and working with the ILP kit and I realised, core practices not withstanding the strongest developmental line for me is aesthetic/cognitive. I have also looked at all of Abigail Hausman work to date in the area.

If the humanities in academia are a bit of mess, what can one say about the art/art critical theory  departments?

I was wondering at the application of Aqal to understand  the person as artist and the artefact of the person -the art object, image or event and then how that artefact operates within culture –the art worlds.

I am also looking for a way, to begin structuring a developmental sequence of projects that tie in with and are an expression of what would have otherwise been a path of philosophical or contemplative enquiry.

There is more, but I’ll stop here. I suppose I am also asking what artists, art critics and art historians are using integral methodologies and how might an aesthetic line of development be structured?    

August 29, 2021 3:59 AM
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