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Here's lookin' at you, kid

Dear friends,


No overarching theme this week, no special message. Let me just point out a few conversations you may have missed and a few places your input might be important.


Commenting on the second Integral Spirituality conference call, Fairyfaye has asked an interesting question about the way Ken presents the quadrants, the big three, and the Modernist denial of spirituality: “in 'integral spirituality' i heard for the first time, ken say that when the big3 value spheres(arts/morals/science) were differentiated, it should have been 4: spirituality was not differentiated. I'm trying to figure out, if the big3 value spheres are the 4q's then where does the spirituality value sphere fit into the 4q map??” At first blush it seems to be a slight wrinkle in the AQAL map. Do you have the tools to smooth it out for us? Some folks around the office suspect Ken would say that Spirit manifests equally in all four quadrants, and so spirituality as a value sphere transcends and includes all four quadrants. What do you think?


Speaking of wrinkles to be smoothed out, can you help Yschachter and Kessels figure out what the Wilber, as a unit, should measure? Integralism? Development? Rhetorical Force? 


One of the advantages of this blog is its opportunity to tie related threads together. A number of interesting discussions living an Integral Christianity have arisen separately in the forums, and may benefit from exposure to one another. Describing difficulties in his relationship with Mother Mary, Timelody says “… that is where I feel Christianity (and especially mystical Catholicism) has a lot to teach us about Spirit's manifest potential in the world/ or our own potential to manifest Spirit in the world. These things are just too extraordinary (and too real) to ignore.”  This raises issues not far afield from those mentioned in the “Integral Contemplative Christianity” thread that was quite active a while back, in which people discussed methods of personalizing their connection to Christ and Christianity, and also the “Is Integral Christianity still Christian?” thread, which deals with the challenges of taking Christianity beyond its mythic-rational expressions.


And it may be no coincidence that these all tie in nicely with the ongoing discussion of Integral Spirituality chapter 9, “The Conveyor Belt.” This chapter must have particularly captured the imagination of ISC members, as the conversation about it is still going strong, and getting deep into questions of what really causes or inspires developmental growth, and the help and hindrance of a cultural center of gravity. Says Davidd “Its the dynamic of evolution, that this must happen and also that, nevertheless, change happens and we lay posthumous garlands on the graves of the heroes in whose steps we follow.... “ One of the great opportunities offered by the Integral Multiplex is the chance to discover together how to move ourselves and the world beyond current modes.


Also – for those of you who attended the meeting with Ken in New York City last weekend, the rest of us want to know what you think. Please share your reactions with us here.


Finally, we’d like a little feedback here in the I-I staff as to how you think we’re doing with this blog. Do you read it regularly, and do you find it helpful? How do you think it could be improved? In the reorganization shuffle of going into Phase 2, we’re considering letting this one blog go, or perhaps only altering it. We’d love to know what you think. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send them to, mentioning “weekly forum digest” in the subject line of your email. Thank you very much, and keep on making these forums so spectacular.




Published Thursday, September 14, 2024 7:17 PM by iiwhatsnew



timelody said:

Hey iiwhatsnew,

With regard to feedback about this blog, I love this blog. My only comment besides the fact that I'm not sure how many people know about it, is that I still feel guilty for not getting back to the ADHD thread you started . . . . but the day will come. But I definitely hope to see this blog contiue into the future. It is a great forum summary and I always find things I didn't get the chance to notice were there.

September 14, 2024 11:42 AM

balder said:

I've really enjoyed this blog; it has helped add to the sense of community and common intention here.  I have sometimes missed some threads getting mentioned (yes, including some of my own!), but have also discovered a number of interesting discussions through this blog that I probably would have overlooked otherwise.

If there is debate about whether to keep this blog or not, here are my two pesos:  it is not essential to the functioning of these forums, but in my opinion, it is one of the nice touches that sets the I-I forums apart from other sites that are out there.

Best wishes,

September 15, 2024 11:02 AM

adastra said:

I also love this blog.  I'm spending less time surfing around the I-I forums for various reasons, and this blog helps me keep track of what's going on.  Also, as balder said, it helps create a sense of community.  I hope that it will stay.

September 18, 2024 7:13 AM

path said:

I turn to this blog first, and link from here to the conversations that catch my interest.  Where else would I go for any kind of overview on what's happening?
September 22, 2024 8:17 PM

Davidd said:

Damn - I've only just discovered this blog and was just thinking what a great idea it was when I came to the part about maybe letting it go!  The threads and discussions are getting too abundant to easily keep track of (hallelujah for that of course) and if someone is willing to provide a quick digest its a real service to the community.
October 1, 2024 5:04 AM

fairyfaye said:

regarding spirituality not differentiating along with the big3 as it should have ... i guess we need to be clear on which one of the definitions of spirituality ken is referring to here

regarding this blog ... hey EVERYTHING you guys do is always evercool ... i love u and love u and love u . . .
October 12, 2024 9:51 PM

pattye said:

Damn is right!  It has taken me forever to tour this place and I am just beginning to figure out what and where and how nothing has been left forgotten to help make the trip easier.  However, being a real struggler with tech stuff, I just cannot see the little things that work so well as I may have just read something that sets me thinking and I definitely cannot "think and chew gum" at the same time. So now that I know about this site, there is something that ties up loose ends here. I vote for it to stay.
About Integral Christianity:  First of all standing on the shoulders of those who came before also bring up deep wells of gratitude for me.  My dog died of a stroke a few weeks ago but before this funny looking (some were terrified) Shar Pei went to Heaven with my parents and brother and young people who have died with drug problems- many friends of my children, he took on a litter of kittens.  My daughter had a teen age cat (Cali) who had babies and she was exhausted after nursing her babies.  So Topper (my dog named after Western Ky Hilltoppers) became the care taker.  He picked them up in his mouth and put them back in the box.  He got nervous when they moved too far away and would keep gathering them into a pile.
Her bathed them.  They slept on him, under him and under those jowls and at his side.  CAli would sit a few inches away and admire her family.  It is the job of these dogs to gaurd doors in China and it is in their genes. He took this job seriously and we were flabbergasted.  And then he died.  I have one of the kittens.  All the others were mixed and for some reason she is a blue point siamese with a cuter face.
Her name is Shadow.  When Topper died and I could not be consoled, I too him in my imagianation to  this special place (some sort of heaven) and a place I used to go to for seminars.  Kanuga in North CArolina.  So it was a place I hiked to and it was heaven.  I put Topper in the lap of Jesus and then laid my head on top and Jesus put his hand on my head.   I have been to that place many times to visit my parents, brother and also a grandchild and when we lost him I also lost my daughter for 3 years. (In a way).  So the point of this is that I was really being a good Christian girl at that time and other times.  I just have to go there and I believe in Jesus with all my heart.  And it works for me.  ANd I am grateful for my Catholic roots but that is also because when I ask my father if I could go to church with my friend (Baptist) he said "Of Course"   I told him sister said I would go to hell.
He said he did not give a damn what sister said, He was saying I could go.  I learned to think from my  parents and they were most often, not totally impressed
with some of the nonsense that came out of catholic school.  Today I just love what I love and that goes for the shoulders that came before.  Some of those stories they told were really something.  And as Ken says, can't do that now since everyone is accountable with all the cameras rolling all the time. Don't we love that.
AT the same time we can teach these old stories and call them just that.  I am going on too much but this can be continued.  I would love to talk about the virgin birth and how that can be used as great teaching and at the same time live with it in reality.  Have you ever seen a virgin anything give birth?   I hope this all runs together OK.    I am writing a book about allthis for my children.  Love to all Pattye
October 14, 2024 9:56 PM
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