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ISC Editor's Weekly Blog

Integral Zen / Integral Bodywork Seminars!

This week on Integral Spiritual Center....

A Defect is a Treasurere - Fred Kofman
IS Discussion Series: States and Stages - Ken Wilber

Dear Friends,

We're extremely excited to announce three new ISC seminars, coming soon!  Join us in Westminster, Colorado for Integral Zen (March 26-28) with Diane Hamilton and Integral Bodywork (March 28-30) with Sofia Diaz.  Diane and Sofia have been wildly popular presenters at our ILP seminars, and we're delighted to present them in March.  These seminars will follow a 3-day conference entitled Integral Leadership in Action with Susanne Cook-Greuter, Diane Hamilton, Willow Pearson, Victoria Wilson and others!  For more information, click here.  Also, watch for Integral Buddhism with Patrick Sweeney and Terry Patten, coming in May.

This week we continue Fred's ISC2 presentation on returning to the marketplace with "A Defect is a Treasure."  Also, check out Ken's superb intro to the IS Chapter 4 concall, in which he details some of his latest thinking on structures and stages, and how we have a "center of gravity" in both.

Have a great week, and thanks for being with us....

Published Wednesday, February 14, 2007 2:50 PM by iiadmin


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