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An Unaware Fight - Ken Wilber

The Communion of Saints - Fr. Thomas Keating

An Unaware Fight (audio)

The past year has seen some very public debates between proponents of Darwinian evolution and Intelligent Design. An Integral perspective of this argument reveals that these two camps—the “New Atheists” on one side, (Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris), and a variety of fundamentalist Christian apologists on the other, are not even speaking the same language, though they mistakenly assume that they are.   

In this week’s featured audio, Ken Wilber discusses how, by applying an Integral perspective, particularly by including an awareness of levels of development, one can better understand the disconnect in this debate, and embrace both sides, and discover the more inclusive truth, the one that transcends and includes them both. 

Here’s how: levels of development determine, though not definitively, the way we interpret our experience.  Developmental research shows us that instead of assuming that there is a “given” world (created by God or created by the laws of nature) that we can make factual statements about, we should more accurately assume that a worldspace arises when we look from a given altitude through a given perspective, and that some worldviews are more inclusive (and thus more true) than others.   

In this debate the Integral model highlights how these two sides inhabit entirely different levels of development, and thus see entirely different worldspaces. As a result, they are not sharing meaning. Though the words they use to debate this issue may be identical, the meaning each party constructs out of those words is likely to be completely different.  Essentially, these two groups are not talking to each other. It’s a disconnect, one that only an Integral model can highlight.  

For example, Christopher Hitchens seems to acknowledge that development occurs, and that people make meaning of their world from their level of development.  Why then, he asks, don’t people simply make meaning by trying to understand how the universe works?  Which is precisely how people at an orange altitude/rational worldview make meaning…. 

Sam Harris, himself a meditator, also seems to lack an awareness of levels of development in his expressed respect for Buddhism (as opposed to the other major religious traditions) as much more than a mythic worldview.  This assertion discounts that fact that Buddhism is held mythically by millions of people worldwide. There are mythic Buddhists, rational Buddhists, pluralistic Buddhists, and integral Buddhists. Each is a Buddhist, each has an entirely different interpretation of Buddhism. Integral therefore concludes that the problem is not any particular religion, it is the level of development of the adherent that can become problematic, particularly when people at different levels of development try to communicate.  

So listen in, and view this debate in a whole new light.  

The Communion of Saints (video)

Ancient beliefs do not necessarily need to be abandoned as one develops into higher altitudes.  Father Thomas Keating discusses how a devotion to the "Communion of Saints" can be held lightly, and thus deepen in meaning, at the Autumn 2021 Integral Contemplative Christianity seminar.


Published Friday, May 16, 2021 8:42 PM by rollie


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