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Editor's Picks for February (Audio)


Editor's Picks for February (Video)

Integral Naked Updates Stuart Davis Show!!!
Probably the most exciting recent addition to the site is The Stuart Davis Show, written, directed, and edited entirely by Stuart himself.  Stu's own description:

It's Stuart's brand new weekly talk show, shot in Denver. Stuart has cloned himself, allowing him to play host, side kick and as news anchor as well. This trio of twisted twins make their big debut in this show written, acted, and directed by Stuart. As we'd expect, its packed with bizarre sketch comedy, inappropriate nudity, and amazing guests.  Don't miss this kaleidoscope of curve balls as Stuart does weekly news on the worlds of Sex, God, and Rock 'n Roll, and packs each episode with bizarre sketch comedy and integral insight.

Enlightentainment at its finest!

Watch IN Videos in iTunes!  Upload to Your iPod!
Integral Naked is now offering m4v's for all our weekly video content, which is playable in iTunes/QuickTime.  Not only does this allow you to upload our videos to your iPod (you might want to start with the first two episodes of The Stuart Davis Show!) but this also makes life much easier for our brothers and sisters on Macs, who have notoriously had issues with WMV files.  Each week's video selection will be available as downloads in this format, and we will be slowly updating previous content week by week.

Sort Integral Naked Content By Subject!
Have a particular interest in an integral approach to business?  Or perhaps you are an aspiring artist looking for resources to help you create from your highest potential?  Or maybe you have a passion for politics, and want to hear more about an all-quadrant, all-level political theory?  Well, we have differentiated all of our audio and video content into the following categories, for your personal and collective edification:

Integral Art
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Integral Culture
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Integral Therapia
Integral Basics

New What Is Integral Naked Page!

Courtesy of Ursa Minor, the programming wizards behind  Check it out!  Write a blog about the states of consciousness induced by staring at that animation for ten minutes straight....

Welcome to the new Letter From the Editor blog, hosted on our very own Community Server!

This is Corey deVos, the newly-appointed Brand Manager for Integral Naked.  The great Casey Capshaw has transcluded his duties as Brand Manager by becoming our resident Marketing Wizard, furthering his bodhisattva vow to bring the most depth to the most span.  It has been a very natural transition, as I've been working with Integral Naked from the very beginning in a variety of ways, most notably customer support, audio editing, and forum administration.  I've even had a few brief stints on Integral Naked myself =)

It is in a very literal sense my dream come true to serve Integral Institute in this way, managing both Integral Naked and, two of the most beautiful and powerful websites I have ever seen.  I remember sitting in Ken's loft almost four years ago with the other members of iNext, listening to Ken explain how he was going to start recording conversations with his friends and create a website to distribute them.  We all thought it was a cool idea, but I don't think any of us knew how momentous it would all become.

I am sure most of you have seen the Multiplex, the beautiful constellation of websites that we have just begun to deploy.  It is truly astounding--mesmerizing in fact--to behold this crystallization of second-tier consciousness, this evolutionary foothold I feel this sort of endeavor represents.  And it is extremely humbling to realize that all of this was possible only because of Integral Naked, the "I-I Tugboat."  Which is to say, this was possible only because of you.  Which is to say this was possible only because of the almost erotic evolutionary drive toward self-organization and self-transcendence.  But let's keep this about you, shall we?

It was, after all, your passion for knowledge, your love of integral, and, well, your financial support that is allowing the integral vision to begin to take root into the world.  And I am sure i speak for the entire team when I confess how deeply and profoundly grateful we are to all of you for making this possible.  We've been dragging our sticks in the sand for awhile now, and it's nice to feel like we are all actually making a groove together.  Just when the world needs it the most.

Corey W. deVos
Brand Manager, Integral Naked