ࡱ> !` i;bjbj\\ 4>>2m222823_hJ4:4:444444^^^^^^^$ah~c^44444^44^F8884 44^84^88R7U4>4 kȘ25Sg],__S^(d6`(d47U(d7U044844444^^*8d444_4444$"" Salon Facilitator Essentials Integral Institute strives to provide a commons space that is integral (which simply means comprehensive, open, inclusive, transparent; and which is also known by many technical names: centaur, turquoise, visionlogic, second tier and third tier, holarchically ranking, postpostmodern, and so on). The quality of this integral space (and this integral sanctuary and integral playground) depends on the quality of your participation. - Ken Wilber Introduction Part of the vision of I-I community is that we are a sanctuary for the integral world. What wants to emerge in our global sanctuary, and how can we foster this emergence? There are as many ways to facilitate a healthy, vibrant in-person group (Salon) as there are integral folks to facilitate them. If you already know how to facilitate a group, this document can be a support guide, adding to your experience in sustaining group vitality and contributing to a thriving community. If you want to facilitate but arent yet sure how, we hope our documentation and conference calls will give you everything you need to launch yourself as a key community leader, a contributor to delicious We-Space, and fully allow the channel for Divine Emergence that you Are. Facilitating a Salon is easy; its all about minimal effort in offering direction, then simply tending the grass, stirring the pot, and keeping the group engaged. If youre sharing the facilitator role among your group, no experience is necessary. Even your time investment can be minimal -- you can expect to spend as little as 1-2 hours per week that you facilitate. Finally, no one is required to sign and complete this document. Salons not registered with I-I are invited to be facilitated in whatever organic way you see fit; we value unregistered groups as instrumental to supporting evolution on the planet. I-I Registered Salons listed in the I-I White Pages, however, are endorsed by I-I as having fulfilled minimum standards, and are trusted to be operating within I-I guidelines and standards of excellence in upholding the vision described above, in congruence with being at least minimally AQAL-informed. As a Salon Facilitator of a group registered or registering with I-I, your congruence with these guidelines helps us substantiate your groups qualification. Filling the Facilitator Seat(s) - How to Decide Often, the person coordinating a salon also chooses to take on the Salon Facilitator role in their groups. The role of Salon Facilitator can be fulfilled on one of several ways. You can: choose to be the sole facilitator for an entire groups cycle share facilitation among 2-3 lead facilitators in the group make the group a shared facilitation group. In this case, each group member takes a turn facilitating a session, thus all members simultaneously hold responsibility for fulfilling facilitation roles. The group will choose one person each month to participate in the monthly Facilitator conference calls. Salon Facilitator Essentials (contd) If you are not yet a Certified I-I Practitioner, we highly recommend that your group be a shared facilitation group. This allows everyones strengths to emerge, and ensures that no one persons psychograph will limit the groups evolution. If youd like to earn money as a paid group facilitator acknowledged by I-I, you must first become a Certified I-I Practitioner. To receive information on how to become a Certified I-I Practitioner, send an email to  HYPERLINK "mailto:gail@integralinstitute.org" gail@integralinstitute.org with the subject line WANT TO CERTIFY. Salon Facilitator (SF) Role, Qualifications, and Compensation Role The role of a Salon Facilitator is to be the point-person accounting for content delivery and to foster healthy community activity in your group from session to session. What is healthy community activity, and how do we foster it? Although this description may evolve as our community grows, for now we look to SFs (either as individuals or as a group) to uphold four key elements that contribute to healthy community circles: providing clear group structure, inspiring active participation, inviting integral participation, and exchanging information between the circle and I-I. Providing Clear Group Structure Clear structure in a groups timeframe, focus, session content, and leadership type can contribute to uniting a group and inspiring participation and activity; without clear structure, groups can devolve into in-fighting about content, intension, and purpose. So toward providing structure, SFs are asked to: Read and complete Becoming A Salon Facilitator A Step-By-Step Guide* Work with your Salon Coordinator to complete Salon Startup Logistics* Answer for yourself how you will unite group activity through a specific agenda for each session (provided before the cycle starts) Answer for yourself how and when you will explicitly express your facilitation style and intensions, so that group members can understand the context and flow from session to session. Inspiring Active Participation How can you bring your skills in a way that will foster global integral community? Toward inspiring active collaboration and cross-pollenation not only within your own Salon, but also among all of I-Is Salons, SFs are asked to: inform yourself about other satellite salons happening in your region, and encourage cross-pollenation and connection between I-I satellites along with the Salon Coordinator, be a contact person to answer questions about the group, meaning: receive email and phone contacts from individuals interested in your group and forward them along to your Salon Coordinator Salon Facilitator Essentials (contd) if youre responding directly to inquiries, advise these individuals of opportunities for involvement (ex: send them a template email including links to free newsletter and online forums, info about local groups, and invitation to seminars and local gatherings) if youre responding directly to inquiries, and someone contacting you is not already an I-I member, ask if theyd like to be kept in the loop for invitations and then email their name, email, and phone number(s) to your Local Community Liason or Regional Community Coordinator (if available) or to the Community Director to be included in our free newsletter and/or invitations be a contact person for all I-I Directors, staff, and talents within your Salon from session to session, stir the pot. For example, ask thought provoking and/or application-oriented questions, present apparently opposing perspectives and engage everyones skills of integration, encourage people who speak less frequently to add their voice, or find other creative ways to encourage engagement, activity and participation. Encouraging Integral Participation How can we foster transformation, emergence, integration, and integral embodiment in the community? How do we support both discernment / diversity AND cross-pollenation / integration? How do we engage theory and application, agency and communion? What is it to contribute to 2nd tier space? Toward creating and sustaining a healthy playground, SFs are asked to: read Community Basics Salon/Forum Participation Guidelines* do your best to foster a 2nd tier conversation in your Salon, uncovering and integrating apparently disparate perspectives into learning and greater awareness support integral embodiment through your own modeling and through your skill in facilitating group dynamics use your skills to contribute to resolving group issues discern when a group issue (or someone within your group) presents a challenge to your facilitation skills that exceeds your current skill level and ask for help Exchanging Information between your Salon and I-I As the most local, rubber-to-the-road interface that our planet has with I-I, in the absence of a Salon Coordinator, SFs are asked to: inform us of talent in the community (email LCL, RCC or CD and well note the persons profile) share with group members and/or the general public information about upcoming opportunities ( I-Wet events, Integral Training seminars, video conferences, volunteer opportunities, etc.) inform us if your Salon chooses to continue beyond its current cycle into an additional cycle, including the new expiration date of your groups' current cycle contact the I-I Community Director if you'd like support for your group that is not being fulfilled by your Local Community Liason or Regional Community Coordinator. Mentored both personally and as a group by I-I, Salon Facilitator training includes these guideline documents, monthly conference calls, and articles describing best practices in Community Development. Therefore, Salon Facilitators are also asked to: participate in monthly (90min) conference calls designed to share experiences, assets, and best practices Salon Facilitator Essentials (contd) share and answer questions address any issues arising locally enhance your own skill level by reading Facilitator Essentials, an I-I periodical featuring suggested best practices. If youd like your skill and insight shared with other Facilitators, we encourage you to submit articles for Facilitator Essentials. In the future official starter kits may also be made available. Qualifications Anyone wishing to be a Salon Facilitator needs to: hold a current I-I membership with at least one phone number and one email address published in the I-I White Pages (when available, est. delivery Oct 2006) have completed Becoming A Forum Facilitator A Step-By-Step Guide*, including all required signed documentation have read Community Basics Salon/Forum Participation Guidelines* be able to document at least monthly personal shadow work practice (see Community Basics* for more information) have a minimum mastery of AQAL terminology, substantiated either by completion of an I-I seminar, completion of IOS 1-3 (when available online), or completion of at least 2 of Ken Wilbers books. be available to spend at least 1-2 hours per week outside Salon sessions attending to your Salon Facilitator role If you are the sole Salon Facilitator you also need to: have at least 1 years prior experience facilitating a multi-session group be able to document at least 1 years monthly personal shadow work practice (see Community Basics* for more information) If you are sharing the role of Salon Facilitator among 2-4 group members at least one of you must have the required prior experience facilitating a multi-session group; all Salon Facilitators should be able to document at least 6 months personal shadow work practice. If your group is a shared facilitation group, in addition to the above, all group members must have agreed that this cycle will be a shared facilitation cycle. Compensation Integral Institute is a non-profit organization; therefore becoming a Salon Facilitator is voluntary. However, being a Salon Facilitator also affords you: access to the free cross-pollenating exchange of best-practices across the globe in integral community development (through Facilitator Essentials articles and monthly conference calls) a tangible opportunity to fulfill your desire for local integral application and leadership a way to directly contribute to integral embodiment and integration on the planet an opportunity to practice your own integral growth as you stand in the world as an I-I Salon Facilitator Salon Facilitator Essentials (contd) If youre a sole Salon Facilitator, or one among 3 or less for your group, you also will enjoy the esteem of being listed in the I-I White Pages as a current or prior SF (when available, est. Oct 2006). Salon Facilitators may also occasionally receive scholarships to events, seminars or e-courses. To get started in this I-I leadership role, check out Becoming A Salon Facilitator A Step-By-Step Guide*, connect with your Salon Coordinator to complete your Salon Startup Logistics*, and then submit a self-introduction (to be shared with your group upon acceptance) detailing your qualifications, experience to: Gail Taylor,  HYPERLINK "mailto:gail@integralinstitute.org" gail@integralinstitute.org And Welcome! to the I-I leadership family. By signing this agreement, you agree that you have read and fully understand Salon Facilitator Essentials, and that you will take responsibility for ensuring that the Salon Facilitator role is fulfilled within your group. Sole Facilitator Signed: ____________________________________ Date: _____________________________ Print Name Here: _____________________________ Multiplex Username __________________ Shared Facilitation Printed NameSignatureDateMultiplex Username      (Additional group member signatures on the back) * all documents can be found at  HYPERLINK "http://www.integralinstitute.org" www.integralinstitute.org under I-I Commons, Community General Forums, Files.      rev.  DATE \@ "M/d/yyyy" 6/25/2006 Community Basics - Page  PAGE 5 of  NUMPAGES 5 [\dv w L n`R`A hQh#CJOJQJ^JaJhyh#5OJQJ^Jh#CJOJQJ^JaJ,h[h#6B*CJOJQJ^JaJph332h=[h#56B*CJOJQJ\^JaJph33h=[h#56\,h=[h#6B*CJOJQJ^JaJph33,hQh#56CJOJQJ\]^JaJ hQh#CJOJQJ^JaJh$OJQJ^JhQh#OJQJ^J _`&'WR & F7$8$H$gdfc 7$8$H$gdfc 7$8$H$gd/$hh7$8$H$]h^ha$gd# 7$8$H$gd#$a$gd#:h;L Q  ! 2 9 D F  6 7 < * + ? 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