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Victoria BC Canada

Last post 12-30-2021, 8:52 PM by adastra. 1 replies.
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  •  12-30-2021, 7:04 PM 17399

    Victoria BC Canada

    Victoria BC Canada


    Just popping a post in here in case there are any other Integralati in or around Victoria who are I-I members. I have been reading Ken’s books for about five years now but only in the last few months got the AQAL bug. I joined I-I in Dec ’06 and purchased the Integral Life Practice Starter Kit at the same time.


    If you are an islander you can check me out at:

    my personal website,

    my blog,

    my Social Circles Canada website at,

    or heaven forbid, my employers website at


    I am an INTJ per Myers-Briggs, a Capricorn and I am very blue/orange about the Integral/AQAL approach, as one might expect by my professional responsibilities in the areas of systems operations, business organization and human resources management. However I am also a poet, singer/songwriter and lover of books by far out dudes like our Ken.


    If you’re in the neighborhood and would be interested in chatting over coffee about things Integral let me know.


    I am going to see if there is sufficient interest to form a sub-group of my Social Circles organization with a specific Integral/Spiritual focus this year. I hope to do this by starting a kind of video club where I show relevant DVDs once a month at a suitable venue.


    Kind regards,

    Rick Bateman
    Social Circles Canada - A New Kind Of Health Club
    +48° 25' 43.45", -123° 20' 10.20" (hint: Google Maps)
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  •  12-30-2021, 8:52 PM 17408 in reply to 17399

    Re: Victoria BC Canada

    Hey r

    I recommend you also try networking on, which is free to join (I'm 'adastra' there as well) and I also recommend you make a habit of checking your Private Messages here ('inbox' on the upper right) as the I-I forums do not have any kind of notification of new messages.  (Zaadz does; just sayin'.) 

    I'm based in Vancouver although that may change to Sacramento sometime next year, and would love to have tea with you sometime if you're so inclined.  Tamgoddess and I will likely be visiting Victoria sometime in the spring or summer.

    I'm easier to reach on Zaadz - and do drop by - an I-I affiliated pod (forum) which I've been moderating lately. 

    Oh, one other thing: if you're living in this area (and, well, even if you're not) you have got to check out integral therapist/spiritual teacher Robert Augustus Masters.  Seriously.


    I am seeking meaningful work.


    I spend most of my "forum time" these days on The Integral Pod:

    "You've never seen everything." - Bruce Cockburn
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