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Big Mind integration

Last post 10-01-2021, 4:14 AM by MiraMiller. 16 replies.
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  •  09-27-2021, 10:20 PM 29169 in reply to 29155

    Re: Big Mind integration (Long)

    hey mark! some ride! and i guess you know it's not always going to be thrilling--just one of those dualistic traps it's easy to fall into. i'm feeling almost apologetic that, already at 65, i haven't yet experienced what you have. what have i been doing all my life?Surprise [:O]

    i did start reading kw almost 7 years ago now, and that's been my primary focus for almost 5 years. i've pretty much avoided meditation, at least zazen, all that time. i honestly felt that reading and listening to him needed to come first in order to orient me to meditation, and that worked for me until recently, when i actually seem to have regressed. i'm encouraged by how Big Mind has motivated you to institute a daily practice.

    i-i has talked about, in effect, making the SCT available at a lower price. this would really help. even at the present price, it makes sense to at least take it once like you have. but at a lower price, it would make sense, say, to take it annually.

    in my case, for example, i have reason to believe i've moved beyond a Green, but not beyond a Teal self sense, or center of gravity: i have to admit i'm frequently not capable of the fluidity characteristic of Turquoise. it would really help to take the SCT, together with a discussion of the results with some expert such as susanne cook-greuter Big Smile [:D], in order to get an objective picture of what's lacking, or what's sticking.

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  •  10-01-2021, 4:14 AM 29351 in reply to 28648

    Re: Big Mind integration

    OK, so I can ask to speak to Big Mind, etc.

    But don't states unfold hierarchically, i.e. is it possible to ask to speak to One Taste or turriyatita?

    5:19pm - I think I've answered my own question, although to delete this post feels wrong. I am reading again ch. 3 of Integral Spirituality and it's a question of states training (which I knew anyway, somehow just wanted a confirmation of it).



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