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Robert Augustus Masters Boulder Workshop!

Last post 07-17-2021, 8:29 PM by tamgoddess. 0 replies.
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    Robert Augustus Masters Boulder Workshop!

    Arthur/adastra says:
    Lucky Boulderites!  Robert Augustus Masters is giving a 2-day workshop in Boulder Oct. 20th and 21st.  I very highly recommend his work; if you know anyone who might be interested in doing deep transformative work with this integral therapist and spiritual teacher, please pass this on.  -arthur




    October 20th & 21st, 2021 in Boulder

    led by

    Robert Augustus Masters, Ph.D.

    with Diane Bardwell


    You’ve done work on yourself and have opened and benefited (and want to maintain that openness), but find certain issues surfacing again and again — relationship hassles, insecurities, emotional inhibitions, and so on. Now, more than ever, these are in your face (perhaps because you’re now ready to fully face them), asking for your undivided attention. And, quite possibly, also for a suitable setting, featuring both cutting-edge guidance and the company of others as committed as you to healing and awakening.


    You might think that these issues are blocking your path, but in reality they are part of your path, and need to be treated as such. All you have to do is stop turning away from them, stop trying to rise above them, and make the journey into them, with awareness, compassion, and curiosity. This is not necessarily easy — for if it was, you probably would’ve already done it — but it can be done, leaving you more whole, more alive and present, more functional in every aspect of your life, allowing you to live a life that is as practical as it is liberating. This healing is what this group is all about.


    This group is for those who want to make wise use of their difficulties and who are ready to work through whatever is obstructing their liberation. It is especially suited for those whose longing to be truly free is stronger than their longing to continue distracting themselves from their suffering.


    This group will be small and intimate, being limited to 13 participants only, so that there is enough time for everyone to receive in-depth attention. The group will involve therapy (in its focus on personal history), and will also involve much more than therapy, given its integral nature. Deep catharsis, psychodrama, and spiritual breakthroughs will flow in and out of each other during the group, in spontaneously apt ways.

    All kinds of issues and concerns — from the deepest trauma to the seemingly trivial — will be dealt with, through a dynamic, creative mix of psychotherapy, bodywork, spiritual disciplines, dreamwork, and group practices. The atmosphere will be one of deep trust; the group will be a safe place to let go of being safe, providing a crucible not only for personal healing, but also for awakening from all of our entrapping dreams.

    Participants will learn to become more intimate with all that they are — dark and light, high and low, shallow and deep, neurotic and transcendent, dying and undying.

    The structuring of the group will not be preset, but instead will arise in accordance with group and individual needs. Each participant will have an opportunity to work, in relevant detail and in sufficient depth, with his or her particular issues, and not necessarily just once in the group.

    LOCATION & TIME: The Heart Fire Healing Center, in downtown Boulder, CO. The group will begin Saturday, October 20th at 10am and end Sunday, October 21st at approx. 4:30pm.

    TUITION: US$680. Send a nonrefundable deposit of $340 payable to Robert Masters at 16133 9th Avenue, Surrey, BC V4A 1A5. Full tuition is due by September 21, 2021.

    ROBERT is a critically acclaimed author (of 7 books), teacher of spiritual deepening, and highly experienced psychotherapist (and trainer of psychotherapists) with a doctorate in Psychology, who has innovatively integrated mind, body, emotion, and spirituality in his work for the past 30 years. For more information on his work and writings (and to subscribe to his free newsletter), visit

    DIANE, Robert’s wife and spiritual partner, assists him in his groups and trainings, contributing deeply to the work being done. She is an intuitive healer and Reiki master, as well as a songwriter and professional singer, with a special talent for accessing and transmitting heartfelt spirituality through her music.

    RECOMMENDED READING: Robert’s latest book, DIVINE DYNAMITE (revised edition), available in bookstores and from

    To register, or to obtain more information,

    contact [email protected] Since we are only taking 13 participants, early registration is highly recommended.

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