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Big Mind: I don't get it!

Last post 09-28-2021, 8:31 PM by vulgan. 3 replies.
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  •  09-28-2021, 9:27 AM 29199

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    Big Mind: I don't get it!


    I've got the DVD's and the book about Big Mind and I have tried it several times in vain. I just don't get it.... Dialogue with the dualistic voices is okay, but as soon as I ask to speak to the Way or non-seeking Mind, there is nothing coming... it's still just the Ego or Controller or whatever there because I still feel my little mind and my physical limits etc.

    I'd be grateful for any tips...


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  •  09-28-2021, 9:47 AM 29200 in reply to 29199

    Re: Big Mind: I don't get it!

    I would say try the DVD again, but this time don't worry about 'getting it.'  Just go through it and try and have as much fun as you can getting into each voice.  If you can pause the DVD each time you are in a voice and talk from that voice a little longer do so.  When it comes to Non-Seeking Mind or The Way just hit pause and sit with that voice for a few minutes.  Don't feel the need to say or do anything.  Just sit with it for a little bit.  Don't worry about getting into a voice.  As soon as you make the shift you are 'there.'  Anything you say from a voice will be correct.  Anything said from a voice will be OK.  The only thing that can sometime happen is that you can 'drop out' of a voice either into another voice (Controller, Skeptic, etc.) or into your usual self.  If that happens just listen to the voice that comes up and then speak from that voice.  Then ask their permission to proceed.  (and again make sure that each of the voices is referring to the self as a third person)

    A possible example: the Skeptic keeps coming up saying "the self can't do this."  Simply thank the Skeptic for doing an excellent job of being skeptical and after dialoging with the Skeptic ask for that voices permission to make the shift etc.

    There is another thread that talks about some related issues here:




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  •  09-28-2021, 2:03 PM 29214 in reply to 29199

    Re: Big Mind: I don't get it!

    hello horst .. maybe the reason "nothing is coming" when u ask to speak with non-seeking mind .. is because non-seeking mind isn't seeking "anything" ??

    it just might be an indication that u have indeed made contact with non-seeking mind !!


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  •  09-28-2021, 8:31 PM 29227 in reply to 29199

    Re: Big Mind: I don't get it! forking tongues ey

    do you believe anyone else gets it?

    the only self and voice that can EMERGE is the mortal and finite self, right?

    there is an ego... the Spiritual Ego... that can speak as godhead... but if it believes in itself... if it believes that it's existence means that you "Get It"... then you probably don't... true godhead isn't Gotten.  the one who speaks is like another tightness in your soul, and everyone's nodding along... i think the dangers of the practice are actually great.  at first it might have the positive effect of an affirmation, getting you closer in understanding and resonance, but it must understand that this affirmation will never come true because the Seer can not be caught by any mortal expression, it will at best make you prone to the TRANS-VERBAL "accident of enlightenment" (as someone put it here) and at worse make everyone with the more lowly common ego either hate your guts or worship you.

    i believe the voice, upon the dawning of higher consciousness, will suddenly feel quite distant from you like from another person... look at it like this... the magicians ritual brings the god close, the magician surrenders to the higher consciousness and becomes the god, the magician becomes servant to the god (the true self of the magician), the magician from there on speaks as god merely as a device... either of delusionally, entangling young souls into his web because he's fallen back into thinking HE "got it", or as a positive device as i described.   (it helps to be very conscious of your speaking self, even as it "lies", and not to cross the border into delusional spirituality)

    i might be eating my foot somewhere in there but i hope it helps.  it feels close to impossible not to "eat foot" discussing this!

    p.s. so yes your not getting it might be indicative that you are actually closer to Ultimate Not Getting than most of the other hypnosis subjects. a drop into free functioning quietude... revolving about the unborn... revolving about your innate Self... given up on the impossible high, in the deepest sense... might all these paths to get you there be tricks and illusions, even the end games that are playing themselves out right now?

    to be the Self means to be free of yourself... there is a freedom of any kind of identification with an "I" at all, and this is why you are free functioning _precisely because_ all authority is given to the most prior identity, who isn't anywhere at all.  when you've really given up, that's IT!

    (beyond the end of the rope we are like a chicken without a head?)
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