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3-Body Workout

Last post 10-11-2021, 7:58 AM by edenck. 6 replies.
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  •  08-27-2021, 6:26 PM 27785

    3-Body Workout


    For people who are using the 3-Body workout, or kata, into their daily practice, it would be interesting to hear what form you have adopted. Are you practicing the kata more or less like one of the versions on the dvd, or have you modified it significantly. Do you have a separate weight training practice and if so, how do you integrate the weight training with the kata (is you're weight training separate from or combined with the kata, do you skip the gross body part of the kata.) Do you have any other body practices that you do in addition to the kata.

    For myself, my main practice these days is yoga. I have been playing with the kata some but haven't taken it up as a regular practice. I notice that when I do the kata, the FIT part is especially poignent because I don't often do resistanct training in such a focused way. It feels good and is energizing. I am thinking about starting a resistance training/FIT program and am not sure how to go about incorporating it into the kata, as I would need to visit a gym to have access to weights.

    I would be grateful to anyone who can share their experience with the kata, with FIT and resistance training and how you integrate them. Also, any pointers, suggestions for someone thinking about starting a resistance training program.

    Thanks, Don

  •  08-27-2021, 9:05 PM 27789 in reply to 27785

    Re: 3-Body Workout

    Hi Don,

    At a minimum I do the 1-min module on the DVD every morning followed by Integral Meditation. 3-4 times a week I do the 10-min module and only occasionally will I do the 35 min one though I really like it. I do 'Bodypump' 3 time a week which is a great workout. It's a weight resistance group exercise that is done to music and a leader. It's pretty great if you need motivation to get a workout. I feel that class covers the gross body really well. Also by the same group is BodyFlow which is like Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilate's also lasting an hour which covers the subtle body really well too. Now if I can find a group that works the causal body...

    I Googled a
    Bodypump class for you and BodyFlow


    61331 South Hwy 97 #4
    Oregon, 97702
    Ph: 541-388-1685
  •  08-28-2021, 12:29 PM 27807 in reply to 27789

    Re: 3-Body Workout

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the reply. BodyPump looks interesting and fun, but it doesn't look like it would lend itself very well to a FIT based aproach, as described on the DVD, which for each set of repetitions involves this series: grounding, charging, intense effort followed by deep rest/relaxation before the next set. Maybe they do have something like a FIT aproach in BodyPump but it isn't apparent in the material on the web site that I read. It does seem like a similiar group experience could be created though that is rooted in FIT that would be like BodyPump but better. What do you think?


  •  08-29-2021, 10:37 PM 27857 in reply to 27807

    Re: 3-Body Workout


    I totally agree, Bodypump as it is won't fit the FIT method and yes it is really fun. I guess you'll have to go into the gym and do it on your own which is fine of course.

    Hmmm, a Bodypump adapted to FIT would be very cool. Much more focused and requiring a lot more presence than a typical
    Bodypump class. I've touched some pretty subtle states doing Bodypump though. It's great to be in the middle of a class and become present in the moment, a weird feeling of working out and meditating at the same time...

    Do you have a gym practice already? All those machines and free weights seem to require a knowledge of them before safe and wise use.

  •  08-30-2021, 1:30 PM 27877 in reply to 27857

    Re: 3-Body Workout

    Hi Mark,

    No I don't currently have a gym practice. I've dabbled a bit in the past, and have had instruction in all the machines and weights, but am not actively practicing now. Mostly, in the past, I have been an endurance athlete, especially running, though as I get older I get the sense more and more that running might not be the healthiest way for me to get my exercise, at least not by itself. Lately I've discovered yoga and am learning to enjoy it immensely. I've been surprised to discover that yoga can be as aerobically challenging as anything I've ever done, and it can be deeply relaxing, and both.  It can also include a good amount of resistance training. Yoga really can be a good all around workout, especially when you combine different styles. Some styles emphasize gross body, while others emphasis subtle body more, though all the ones I have come in contact with do seem to incorporate elements of both. I actually learned the subtle breath practice shown by Terry Patten in the Auxiliary Practices section of the DVD in a Sivananda yoga class only a couple weeks before I received my ILP kit in the mail. There is also a recognition of the causal body in yoga, through meditation, but of course this again this varies a lot with the style of yoga as well as the teacher.

    Regarding FIT, in all the yoga classes I've taken there is always the period at the end of class devoted to complete relaxation. They also often begin with a period of grounding and a period for meditation and for touching in to one's "deepest motivation for practice." In Sivananda yoga they also add a period of relaxation between poses, which is considered important to get the fullest benefit of each pose. This is probably the closest to FIT that I have seen in yoga, but in my experience it doesn't come near the level of intensity that can be achieved in a single set of a weight training program. 

    The 3-Body workout obviously draws heavily from yoga, but it draws from other disciplines as well, especially martial arts. Yoga I think is mainly an inward focused practice, and in that sense is a yin practice. Martial arts on the other hand is mostly an outward focused practice, and in that sense a yang practice. There are yin and yang aspects in both, it is just that in yoga the energy is mostly focused inwardly and in martial arts the focus is mostly outward. What is nice about the 3 body workout is that it includes both inward and outward, both yin and yang, in a single refreshing exercise that isn't stressful. It kind of wakes up the whole body (or all three bodies), both inside and outside. That is its strength. I guess its weakness, then, is that it doesn't go very deeply into any one thing, but touches only lightly on all. So its strength is also its weakness.

    This has been a bit of a diversion from the original post. But I think I have come back around to the thrust of the question in my original post. The kata lightly touches into a FIT based resistance training as it digs into the gross body portion of the workout. But what do people do who want to deepen their resistance training? If you are spending 2 or 3 days a week at the gym pushing you're muscles to exhaustion, will you want to do any type of resistance work in the daily kata? This is a question that comes to my mind as I've been thinking about starting up a resistance practice again. I've started and stopped weight training a lot of times, and I think it mostly boils down to not having a real goal or direction for it, and no clear idea about why I would want to put myself through it, consistently. FIT might give me that answer, but I want to be sure I have a good map of where, what, how and why when and if I do start a resistance training program.



  •  08-30-2021, 8:49 PM 27893 in reply to 27877

    Re: 3-Body Workout

    hey Don,

    You make many fine points about Yoga. I have done Yoga on and off for many years too. I wish I had the flexibility I had in my twenties, oh to get into a full Plow again! :~)

    I decided to put Mr smartypants (KW) to the test when I started resistance training almost 2 years ago now,  that's why I started Bodypump. He is always extolling the virtues of weight training. Well, it's been pretty good to me really. Put on muscle and I have found I walk better, get out of chairs easier, I can play tennis again and in general feel stronger and feel more confidant with doing things around the house etc. But flexibility has suffered since I was doing nothing like Yoga or Tai Chi.

    I think you are on the right track, Yoga and FIT. I think the 3-body workout needs a little more gross body exercises, other than that it's great. I really like the 35 min version and feel calm and energized afterwards.

  •  10-11-2021, 7:58 AM 29820 in reply to 27785

    Re: 3-Body Workout

    Don and Mark:

    I started out using George Leonard's Kata 4 or 5 years ago, took KW's first week long seminar and now use the ILP kit.  I found it quite easy to add the FIT element to my routine with a few inexpensive (or expensive Bowflex) hand weights.  They don't require much training to use safely and there are enough FIT videos on Intergal Naked to develope a system that fits in to a short (15-20 min) module that includes some gross and suttle warm up, a short meditation or FIT session.  I try to switch on and off and do something everyday.  Typically, I use the KATA on the ILP DVD that Huy demonstrates and replace the knee bends and push ups with the hand weights and FIT.

    Your, Ed 

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