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no way to Aniston playing Ken's wife

Last post 08-02-2021, 1:17 PM by rkrkrk. 30 replies.
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  •  08-02-2021, 1:17 PM 2921 in reply to 2279

    Re: no way to Aniston playing Ken's wife

    Oprah: speak of the devil. come on out here Brad!!!!!!!!! (audience roars with joy)

    Brad: howya doin' everyone?

    Jen: people can't believe it, but we credit Grace and Grit with getting us together again.

    Well Louis, since you've managed to get Jennifer and Brad back together via this magical thread, may I suggest a continuing story line that either leads to another break-up or a more-advanced state of polyamory?

    First, based on a growing tension between them that they can no longer deny, Jennifer and Angelina have agreed to play the leads in the soon-to-be-remade female version of Brokeback Mountain.........



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