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Welcome to the ILP Kit Forum!

Last post 08-26-2007, 2:41 PM by NormaGorst. 36 replies.
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  •  08-01-2007, 1:10 PM 26718 in reply to 26709

    Re: Welcome to the ILP Kit Forum!

    Hi Huy,

    Thanks for your response.

    You asked "From this I take it that you are saying you have a much better understanding of why things are the way they are in your life and the world around you".  Yes!  You clarified what i was feeling about the 3 body workout  together with the other modules, bringing me to this increased awareness .

    The interesting part about this expansion is,  just as you said, i became aware of how things actually are as they are, which brought me out of alot of fantasy and denial.  I can wish things were different all i want, but that just makes me ineffective in my life.

    So this path is painful and hard sometimes, but the pay-off is i dont feel ruled by fear anymore and my courage is increasing.  I would much rather be in this state of awareness than in my previous state which was pretty much fantasy, creating layer upon layer of lies in my life.    

    I will keep you posted on my ILP progress; thanks for the opportunity and your blessings Huy, they are deeply felt.

    .  lizzie


  •  08-01-2007, 4:45 PM 26730 in reply to 22070

    Re: Welcome to the ILP Kit Forum!

    Hi, Huylam: I have been working with the kit for about 6 weeks. I have not been overly ambitious, just trying things as I can. I like the 3-body workout 1-minute module and do that everyday. My exercise is walking for 40 mins. 3 times a week, and swim fitness 45 min. 3 times a week. I'm going to stick with those because I know them. I also am trying to meditate daily. That is harder, but I'm not worrying about it. If it works, it works. I just want to put in the time and hope that it will pay off. I have watched all of the DVDs, except the AQAL one. I especially liked Big Mind with Genpo Roshi. I want to watch them all again. I have read all the books, and will read them over again. I have read many of KW's books, starting with A Brief History of Everything many years ago. I think my favorite is The Marriage of Sense and Soul. I am waiting for his latest--is it Integral Spirituality? I'm not sure. I want to learn more about AQAL and I'll start with the DVD soon. I just today got connected so I can participate in your forum. I look forward to reading messages every day. Thanks so much. Norma
  •  08-01-2007, 10:06 PM 26751 in reply to 26730

    Re: Welcome to the ILP Kit Forum!

    Hi Norma,

    Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing about your practice.  That's great that you enjoy the 3-body workout and the 1-minute module.  So have you tried to incorporate some of the principles from this practice into your walking and swimming?  3 body walking can be a great practice!  Smile [:)]  So it's easy to feel your gross body - your legs working and arms swinging, but what about the subtle and causal?  Next time you walk; notice your breathing and how the energy is flowing through your body as you move.  You can even turn your walk into a moving meditation if you are present to what is arising with each step. 

    Yes, Ken's latest book is Integral Spirituality.  If you are interested in that topic, another great resource is our Integral Spiritual Center website:   Ken is also coming out with a new book this month, called The Integral Vision.  This book won't have much new material, but rather is intended at making his work accessible to a much wider audience.  The book presents all the primary principles of the AQAL model, but in a simplified way.  It's also uses a lot of visual art and graphics to help people get a feel for AQAL.  It's a good one to give to friends or family that you think might be open to be converted...

    I look forward to hearing more about your practice as you continue on your Integral journey,





    Huy Lam
    Chief Development Officer
    Integral Institute
  •  08-02-2007, 11:11 AM 26772 in reply to 26751

    Re: Welcome to the ILP Kit Forum!

    Thanks for your reply, Huy, and for the tip about walking. I forgot to mention that on the day I started doing the 3-body 1-min module I noticed a very strong feeling of a sense of purpose. That has faded somewhat in the last few weeks, but I think still underlies my staying with the few things I am doing. I watched the AQAL DVD last night. It helped to get a better feel for what this is all about. NG
  •  08-12-2007, 6:56 PM 27286 in reply to 22070

    Re: Welcome to the ILP Kit Forum!

    Hi, again. I wanted to say how much I like the words that go with the 3-body workout, 1-minute module. They are inspiring. I try to start my day with them. I have familiarized myself with the core modules. Would you recommend deepening study of those before adding anything from the auxiliary modules? I'm especially interested in Creative expression and art under the Emotions module (I am a writer), and also Integral relationships. How would I go about learning more about either of those? But then there are also Compassionate Exchange and Integral Inquiry. There is so much to learn! I must say I don't feel able yet to bring multiple perspectives to bear in my everyday life. I am only beginning to think about what that would be like and how it would feel to do it. Shadow work seems very useful as a beginning ground for learning perspectives.
  •  08-15-2007, 1:21 PM 27377 in reply to 27286

    Re: Welcome to the ILP Kit Forum!

    I feel the same way about 3 body workout. In three months I have not gone beyond this simple exercise. However, I feel a strong sense of oneness with suchness after this simple and short exercise and can really feel various thoughts and things arising in and around me. This allows me to start my day with a fresh perspective without the old hat perspectives that were always rich with fear and wanna be thoughts. I feel a sense of freedom and am more productive during the first half of the day. 


  •  08-26-2007, 2:41 PM 27740 in reply to 27377

    Re: Welcome to the ILP Kit Forum!

    sjavaid: It was good to hear of someone else who likes the 3-body workout 1-min. module. I want to ask you, and anyone else who reads this, if they are able to keep up with their ILP practice while traveling. My partner and I soon will be traveling and visiting friends and relatives for 3 weeks. I want to keep up the practice, but know that schedules will be disrupted and non-existent at times. The meditation part especially. Any hints or words of wisdom? NG
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