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ken & stu part2 escaping flatland

Last post 08-24-2007, 6:23 PM by tricia. 30 replies.
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  •  08-24-2007, 6:23 PM 27681 in reply to 24748

    Re: ken & stu part2 escaping flatland

    You do not see the war as orange??  Economically motivated?  I think of the US as an organge color with the east and west coast as green.  Ofcourse we have allot of blue in the midwest and south.


    Why not make attempts to transfer our energy needs from oil to some other alternative.  Is it true that Brazil uses methane and some of the Nordic countries.  They use their garbage.  Now that would be a wonderful alternative to oil.



    when two people agree on everything all of the time one of them is not necessary
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