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A Chi Generator?

Last post 11-10-2021, 9:06 PM by wilberbuds. 2 replies.
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  •  10-10-2021, 7:05 PM 29791

    A Chi Generator?

    Has anybody heard of a Chi Generator before? Has anybody tried it? Reading about this is reminiscent of Orgone Generators...

    The site that this case study refers to ( seems to be inoperable.

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    -Robert Anton Wilson
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  •  10-20-2021, 7:51 AM 30360 in reply to 29791

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    Re: A Chi Generator?

    Hello liv,

    I suppose Chi generators - or stimulators- will go on the market eventually : wether they be the ones of the article forwarded, neo-orgone boxes or others. 

    I have been particularly interested in seeing the emergence of 3-d ´rooms´where by means of lazer rays or similar one could walk into 3-d yantras with the corresponding mantras sounding all round.  From experience with the rudimentary 2-d. yantra diagrams and simple vocal repetitions I have confirmed that Chi or prana IS stimulated.  I also believe that it could be re-generated or re-established in pattern areas where it has been blocked or ´´deadened´´, by use of such external means or machines - but I where ARE they? !  


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  •  11-10-2021, 9:06 PM 31684 in reply to 29791

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    Re: A Chi Generator?

    I'd be suspicious... these products are usually gimmicks designed to part a fool and his money (I'm on to you Deepak!!). Transformation is hard work - have you tried a 10 day vipassana retreat?

    "Short of intentional war, inflation is the most immoral act political leaders can commit."
    -Ron Paul
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