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Taking the mystical out of meditation

Last post 08-19-2006, 3:56 PM by maryw. 1 replies.
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  •  08-19-2006, 5:51 AM 4683

    Taking the mystical out of meditation

    I am a columnists and I will be sharing ideas on Holistic Health. Here is one of my latest columns appearing in three weekly newspapers in Alabama.

    Taking the mystical out of meditation

    You do not have to be a monk from Tibet or a mystic from India to practice the art and science of meditation.

    While we have the monks and eastern mystics to thank for this time-honored practice over thousands of years, modern technology, especially with high tech auditory CD’s, has pushed the art and science of meditation further into the mainstream of living to our highest ideals.

    Bill Harris of Hillsboro, Oregon has brought a scientific approach to the art of meditation to the marketplace. He claims over 160,000 people in 172 countries have used his programs to make dramatic improvements in their lives. He has devised auditory CD’s called The Holosync Solution.

    Having practiced meditation for more than 13 years, I was curious about this new technology. I bought into his program. It is not cheap! Buying cheap products bring cheap results.

    As with anything we do or wish to do well, you have to practice. To become a great concert pianist, a great athlete, a great teacher or a great student, practice is the key. If it is not practiced religiously the results will not be forthcoming.

    Centerpointe Research Institute uses a sound technology to “entrain” brain wave patterns, giving us the ability to influence or create tranquility, pain control, creativity, euphoria, excitement, focused attention, relief from stress, enhanced learning ability, problem-solving, increased memory, accelerated healing, behavior modification and improvements in mental and emotional health.

    Do not let the word “entrain” throw you off balance. Entrain is a French word meaning to carry along with a current. And, that is what the new technology is all about. Without getting into the science of Holosync I can definitely see results from using these new auditory CD’s. The study of brain waves is nothing new, however.

    According to scientists, there are four brain wave patterns: alpha, beta, theta and delta. Harris’ background in music, neuro linguistics and hypnosis qualifies him in the science of Holosync technology.

    If you buy into this program, you will receive more information than you probably need. For those of you who like science, quantum physics and research, there is more than enough qualitative information to calm the greatest skeptic.

    The experience and the results mean most to a practical person.

    One of the myths about meditation is that it takes too much time. How much is too much?

    Can you allow yourself 30 minutes a day? Can you get up 30 minutes or an hour earlier than normal awakening? Getting up before dawn to meditate is almost unheard of in our hurry-up world when so many things are thrown at us on a daily basis.

    How can you allot time? The children will be waking up, and you need to see after their cares or you went to sleep too late to think about getting up an hour earlier than normal. You’re too tired! This is why you need to make the time to practice.

    Believe me, it takes determination and resilience.

    Another myth is that meditation is for only the religious mind? While it came from eastern religions, meditation can be used for just about anything. The greatest of these is spiritual enlightenment or connecting with your God-Mind. But, meditation is also good for stress reduction, and that appears to be where most people fit in today.

    Contemplation is not to be confused with meditation. Contemplation deals with another realm of brain thought. It deals with observation and study. Meditation is a deeper state of brain function where your brain is entrained (carried along in a current) toward the state of awareness that you are seeking. You need to have a goal when meditating, so you set your goal, and practice using visual association. Athletes do it. A golfer can use visualization when finding the sweet spot on the driver, and seeing the course, and where he wants the ball to land in order to be in perfect position for the next shot.

    I use athletics a lot because I associate more with athletics, and I can see the parallels more clearly.

    Meditation and hypnotherapy are closely associated. A vast new wave is created to help others achieve what they need to achieve or relieve.

    For more information, you can visit my website:

    John W. Cargile, Msc.D, D.D. is a licensed ordained minister through International Metaphysical Ministries. E-books, reference material and study programs are now available at his website For those with special prayer needs, call Unity’s prayer line at 1-800-669-7729. You can contact him at All conversations are confidential.

    John W. Cargile, Msc.D, D.D.
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    Re: Taking the mystical out of meditation

    Contemplation is not to be confused with meditation. Contemplation deals with another realm of brain thought. It deals with observation and study.

    Hi John,

    Contemplation is one of those slippery words because it has more than one meaning. In everyday language it usually refers to focused thought -- observation and study -- as you said. Yet some meditative circles use the words "contemplation" and "meditation" interchangeably. And some mystical traditions define contemplation as the state of resting or abiding in Spirit / Emptiness / God beyond words, thoughts, feelings, and forms.  

    Contemplatively yours Wink [;)],


    Let the beauty we love be what we do.
    There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.

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