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Re: New Forums

  •  08-02-2006, 4:46 AM

    Smile [:)] Re: New Forums


    I'd be delighted to share a glass! Actually, I meant 'too cool' as in '[isn't it] too cool to be camping out...' Anyway, I bought a great new tent for the trip so we'll be definately using it. Do you know how illegal camping out is in Scotland? I mean if there's not a house in sight is it OK to spend a night in a tent? I'm asking because in Scandinavian countries, at least in Finland, there's a law (of sorts) which allows one to camp out almost anywhere, besides parks + other public places. That's really nice for those who like the outdoor life. We'll (me + my girlfriend) be landing in Edinburgh on the 3rd of August (that's tomorrow!) so we'll have time to check out the Festival. We've planned to stay there for three or four days and then head somewhere else. Where exactly do you live? It would be nice to meet for a chat.

    Liz, I sure will have one on your behalf. I hope Caol Ila will suffice? And isn't it just obvious that someone ought to make a t-shirt with that "God Bless Ken Wilber" signature available? I think so ;)

    It's less and less about our reasons / It's more about who's in control (J Mascis)
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