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Re: God, Time, and Awareness

  •  08-02-2006, 7:39 AM

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    Re: God, Time, and Awareness

    Hi Balder,


    I will try to offer my view on this:


    I think this issue as a lot to do with the confusion between of what I will call the relative and the absolute paths. In this “Open View” they apparently see God in the stream of time, therefore only making reference to the relative path of time; in that sense they are right – in fact, on this plane, God doesn’t know nothing about the future. In this dual path, or in the relative plane, the future is certainly unknown (even to God). The dual path of time is a continuous function from (–) infinite (the past) to (+) infinite (the future). We have past, present and future in the stream of time.


    If we now draw on the absolute path, we have to withdraw God from the stream of time. And this means that God has nothing to do of what is happening in time realm. He is timeless, he is unborn, He is Absolute. Thus, from this absolute path point of view it is beside the point to know if God knows the future or whether he is “forever lost in the past” or not; We cannot even say that God “knows and experiences whatever is happening now”, because this simple statement is “stuck” in time. In this sense, God is simply the Absolute, transcends the time, no matter in what time or space.


    So, in your theory when you say that “The only way God can be aware now and have an infinite past is if awareness somehow transcends and includes linear time” this in fact I think it’s quite right, and I will add that if you think of God as absolute and His creation (the many) as relative, has we (as the many) follow the meditation injunction, we are searching the timeless and inexpressible God – and eventually transcend time. As we re-enter the manifest world we re-enter the world of creation, the world of expression, the world of time.


    As I see this “Open View” perspective that you’ve give I see a reductionism of God to the relative world, I see a misleading definition of knowing - “the future has not happened and therefore cannot be known” – For me God is not defined by knowing something; again this is within the stream of time; God could perhaps be defined as the Wisdom. Knowledge versus Wisdom is another way to see the relative versus the absolute path. In a non-dual path, God is both…God is all.


    I don’t know if this helped with anything (sorry if it didn’t).


    Take care,




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