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Re: Mark's ongoing trial of Holosync (periodically updated)

  •  01-29-2021, 12:28 PM

    Re: Mark's ongoing trial of Holosync (periodically updated)



    Update through 1/29/2021


    It has been 125 days since I first did Holosync and in that time I would estimate that I have only skipped doing it about 5 days in total.  While there have been a few instances in which I have repeated the Immersion track for a 90 min. session and in the first 2 weeks I only did the 30 min Dive track; I have usually done 60 min. per day just before bed.  I consider this update to be my 4 month data point.


    As noted several times previous, this on-going trial of Holosync is occurring in the context of an overall Integral Life Practice (ILP).  I have continued with regular exercise, traditional Zen sitting, and Big Mind practice (self-facilitated, following along with the DVDs, and through clips on  My frequency of physical exercise is generally daily.  I alternate free-weights (FIT) with some cardio on off days.  My traditional Zen sitting has been more sporadic.  I am unsure if this is due to my busy schedule or the addition of the Holosync.  When I do sit traditionally, I really get into the 'just sitting' / Non-Seeking Mind easily and just sit.  I do Big Mind every few days and find that I can easily make the shifts w/o dropping out of the voice or having other voices intrude (well most times anyway).


    As for the effects that generally occur during the actual Holosync session, they are much the same as noted before.  Sometimes I still fall asleep toward the tail end of the Immersion track.  Sometimes my mind is absolutely serene and clear like during a calm sitting.  Other times my mind is considerably more turbulent and active than is usually the case either in meditation or just in regular waking activity.  Every once and a while I have really 'interesting' experiences and yet at other times I am somewhat bored.  Other than a correlation between my feeling tired and my likelihood of falling asleep; I do not readily see any patterns that appear to predict these experiences.


    In my daily life I am really settling into a very different way of being.  For significant periods of time during the day symbolic thought is dropped out (i.e. no words or commentary running, just what-is).  Often I find myself momentarily shifting into flow or unitive states during the day.  This most often occurs at school, but it also happens while driving, while at work, etc.  While I have experienced glimpses of these states on and off since my Big Mind opening in late 2021, they are now quite frequent and in a way just 'normal.'  The changes have been gradual, but in making a retroactive comparison they are notable.  Again, I do not know if this can be fully attributed to the introduction of Holosync as some of the changes began beforehand.  Still, I am fairly confident at this point that the regular use of Holosync has at least sped up this process for me.


    I am curious about the future.  While I feel pretty good with my sense of self as it presently is (I can often easily shift between the Witness and the Ego as situation dictates), I am wondering what the future might hold.  I am aware that Holosync has at least 12 more levels of depth and I must say if the change continues to progress at the same rate it has I am not entirely sure what I might look like at the end of this journey.  If I had to hazard a guess, I would bet that the unitive flashes probably become more the normal sense of identity and that the witnessing capability probably gets clearer and more generalized... but this is only a guess on my part.


    I think I will still give at least one or two of the competing entrainment/meditation programs a try and see how they compare.  That being said, I think that it is very likely that I will be continuing on with one of them for some time to come.



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