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Impulsiveness v. Spontaneity

  •  08-17-2006, 7:01 PM

    Impulsiveness v. Spontaneity

    Hi All,


    Please be invited to play along with this bit of voice dialogue, by adding to this thread. If you feel comfortable with a given voice, allow it to speak and post it’s text here; maybe collectively we can find something useful, and have some fun at the same time.


    Note: If you are unfamiliar with this technique try this link to the library here:


    Facilitator: Let me speak to the controller. Who are you? What is your function?


    I am the controller; I run the gate, organize the day, try to keep things on track; my greatest concern is loss of control.


    Facilitator: If i have an interest in speaking to another voice, would it serve me to obtain your permission to do so? In addition, granting that, will you also use your good office to insure a clear channel to such a voice?


    Controller: Yes, thank you for asking, I seldom get such consideration. Go ahead.


    Facilitator: Let me speak to the voice of Impulsiveness. (after respondent makes a slight shift…) 

                    Who are you and what is your function?


    I am impulsiveness. I am a direct link, a sort of conduit, between the ‘self’ and an object of interest; I set the self in motion towards that object.


    Facilitator: How are you different from the voice of desire?


    Impulsiveness: To me, desire is plagued by indecision, procrastination, and doubt; I do not fool around with such nonsense; my tendency is to get the ‘self’ to just do it!


    Facilitator: I take it then that you move with dispatch?


    Impulsiveness: Yes, and then some; I am a close relative to instant gratification.


    Facilitator: It appears that desire is your motivator, are you linked to other voices, too?


    Impulsiveness: Yes, desire and i are old friends, but what really gets me going is obsession.


    Facilitator: Controller, with your permission may i speak to the voice of obsession? 

              Who are you and what is your function? (after respondent makes a slight shift…a deep voice speaks)


    Obsession: I am obsession. I want what i want, getting it now is fine; if not i’ll help make a plan to get it later; i have heard of ‘giving up’ or surrender, but, i have no truck with ‘em; push comes to shove, my guess is that they are just rumors.


    Facilitator: So let me see if i have this straight? When you give extra impetus to or sometimes supplant desire and put a charge into impulsiveness, all sorts of stuff might happen, so much so that even the controller is overwhelmed?


    Obsession: Yup, but that is not my business. I’m a come hell or high water kind of guy.


    Facilitator: Controller, loss of control is a big issue for you, and my guess is this last voice may be troubling to you. Let me please speak to another voice. Let me speak with a clear channel to the voice of spontaneity. Who are you and what is your function? (after respondent makes a slight shift…a boy soprano voice speaks)


    Spontaneity: I am spontaneity; often Intuition acts through me.


    Facilitator: How are you different from impulsiveness, are you not both speedy?


    Spontaneity: Impulsiveness is quick all right, but because my home is in the world beyond time; even light speed is not beyond me.  Moreover, impulsiveness and his cohorts and minions set energy running down old tracks; firing certain long established synapse patterns.  I am always fresh, new, and unexpected. Sometimes i work so fast, that it is difficult for the ‘self’ with its ponderous ways to accept my presence and counsel.


    Facilitator: But wait, in normal circumstances is it your custom to actually speak?


    Spontaneity: No, but my presence can nonetheless be detected in spite of my typical silence.


    Facilitator: Tell me more, how does this work?


    Spontaneity: I always show up in a broad and deep context; my antennae are multidirectional, multi-phasic, and I can translate signals from most any no-where. Often I manifest as Great Clarity, quietly giving a sort of picture or overview. However, I am only capable of showing up NOW! So hanging around is definitely not my thing. My guess is that this is why i am sometimes missed. But wow, do i have FLASH!


    Facilitator: Controller, please let me speak to another voice. I have a question for the free-functioning integrated human being. In view of this conversation and assuming that the ‘self’ may still have trouble differentiating between Impulsiveness and Spontaneity; do you have some counsel for the ‘self’? .  (after respondent makes a slight shift…a mellifluous  voice speaks)


    FFIHB: Yes, typically spontaneity is beyond doubt but if the ‘self’ is unsure, it can always assume that a movement to action comes from Impulsiveness, and perhaps even yield to it, given one crucial proviso.            


    Facilitator: Hmm! What is that? Is there some sort of test?


    FFIHB: Yes. Run the notion past the voice of harmlessness. If it fails to pass, drop it!





    88W18'28" 41N58'02"






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