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Evolution of a metaphysician by God

Last post 10-21-2021, 6:23 AM by jwcargile. 0 replies.
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    Evolution of a metaphysician by God

    Evolution of a metaphysician by God

    Sitting near the back row of the small southern Baptist church that my family belonged since it was built, the pastor was heeding his flock to come forward and be saved as the hymn “Just As I Am,” was being sung by the congregation.

    I cannot remember if it was the first verse or second when my body, mind and spirit began to swell, almost burn. My eyes were blurred, a tear in my eye perhaps. My feet felt like they were moving on a cushion of air. I was almost trance-like, in another body, an out-of-world experience as I made my way to the altar to shake hands with the preacher.

    Our family was members of Midfield Baptist Church ever since we moved into the community in 1954. We were one of the first families in this new suburban city in the western area of Birmingham, Alabama.

    Everything was new, even the school I attended, and the Church started out as a white cement basement until a new sanctuary could be built. The Sunday school classes were held in a portable building. The west side was not for the affluent, but for lower middle class families. I grew up in a lower middle class neighborhood, went to a lower middle class public school, and attended a lower middle class Church.

    I have always lived to the west of everything else. I was conceived in west Texas, and lived in west Birmingham, and even now I live in west Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. What that says for me, is that I can turn toward the east where all religions were born and show reverence for those Spirits that allowed us to evolve into what we are today.

    Having transcended to my current position in life allows my Spirit to think in wholeness. Everything is west of something, and everything is east of something. It makes a complete circle around the Universe and what you have is the Tao of things, the Yin Yang in the circle of life.

    I was able to transcend this culture in the later years of my life through the practice of mystical meditation. Our family was two generations removed from the farming way of life. I am neither lower class, nor middle class or higher class. I refuse to be labeled anything now except a metaphysician.

    Everyone is a metaphysician within the laws of God, and it transcends time and being, and it has the power to heal the self-conscious mind. This story is not about me, but about us, all of us in the flesh. If you ask, “What is a metaphysician?” you have not arrived yet, but having asked the question you are willing to learn how you can also be a metaphysician. The potential metaphysician is hidden from you, but it can be found and it will be recognized in me, in you and in everybody. The world is not imperfect or evolving along toward perfection. It is perfect at every moment. The metaphysician sees this. It is impossible for anyone to see how far another metaphysician is on the way toward becoming a metaphysician.

    The metaphysician exists in the prisoner, the truck driver, the gambler, the housewife, the husband and the child. During deep meditation it is possible to transcend time and being and see simultaneously the past, present and future, and then everything is perfect.

    I have transcended caste. If there is one message in this story it is about how everyone can evolve through Spirit to transcend his or her current position in life, and heal that, which needs to be whole. We are whole in mind, body and spirit. We came from Spirit and return to Spirit. We are spiritual beings on a human journey and not human beings on a spiritual journey. - Excerpt from my new book, “Evolution of a Metaphysician By God.”

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