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International Advisory Group

Last post 05-08-2021, 4:08 AM by cosmogerminator. 0 replies.
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  •  05-08-2021, 4:08 AM 22490

    International Advisory Group

    dear MC ...

    i was entering the bottom line option board: IAG ... (subject)
    and was informed by:
    Access Denied - You do not have permissions to perform the requested action."

    so this is why i put my message here:
    News 5/2021 - Global Marshall Plan Initiative is also available online:

    :: one may ask why i put it here?

    well, i am pretty convinced they need some guidance by I-I practioners ...

    have good luck on y::our mission!

    "Through the 28::7 T-T cosmogenesis of time, merge your mind into the ever-evolving higher conciousness of time!

    If there were not time, there would be no mind to become." - VV-Rinri-II
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