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june 16th

Last post 06-19-2021, 3:30 PM by fairyfaye. 1 replies.
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  •  06-17-2021, 5:41 PM 24629

    june 16th

    while waiting for ken on the 16th the other participants had some interesting conversation

    in response to something someone said ,, the frequent thought flew thru my mind again

    being integral is actually rational

    and ken agrees he told me so


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  •  06-19-2021, 3:30 PM 24670 in reply to 24629

    Re: june 16th

    another thing the participants were talking about while waiting is that someone suggested the name integral 'business' be updated to better represent what it is .. something like 'organizational' life

    this makes me wonder also whether 'integral' itself may need to be updated

    because well .. acknowledging the four quadrants is a rational thing to do .. and including everything is the big thing of green

    hence the many greens who believe they are integral

    but what is integral ? if integral is meant to mean second tier then: integrating with discriminating wisdom is a better term .. integrating with ranking

    it's not integrating including all period .. hence much confusion


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