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Integral Life Logo Contest

Last post 07-19-2021, 4:00 PM by evansridge. 0 replies.
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  •  07-19-2021, 4:00 PM 26051

    Integral Life Logo Contest

    First, let me express my profound gratitude to our logo contest designers for investing time, energy, thought and love into the design of the new Integral Life logo.  The results exceeded our best expectations, with over 100 people participating from all over the world, and the logo designs were just exceptional.  Some were simple, some complex; some demonstrated masculine energy, others more femininity in their design;  there was a wide variation of colors, shapes and inspirations; most were obviously and deeply integrally-informed.
    Many of you thanked us for giving you the opportunity to express what an integral life means to you, and the expressions were vibrant and beautiful, full of life, and heart, grace, and balance, movement and peace.  But, it is our privilege to thank you for the wonderful outpouring of talent you've given us, and this is just the first of many invitations we'll be extending to the members of Integral Life, asking you to help us embody what it means to live an integral life.  We're off to a fabulous start.
    Let me also say that the process of judging the logos was very difficult; there were so many good ones that it is unfortunate that we could only choose 5 winners, as there were many more that we'd love to have honored.  In fact, we intend to do so by incorporating some of the designs throughout the new portal - even though they may not be right as our final logo, they would work very well as symbols (for Integral Life Practice, for example). 

    You can now see select logo submissions posted at  We'd love to hear community feedback on their favorites!

    For our actual final corporate logo, we are now taking some of the major thematic elements of many of the logos you have given us and begun to incorporate them in a "best of" version that will serve as our long-term identity piece.  One of our talented in-house designers is doing this now, using, for instance, some of the inspiration you've given us with prominent use of the nautilus and quadrants.

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